Toyota gray propaganda recalls  

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I am invested in Toyota. I drive them, I own them.

They aren’t in the top 2 worldwide automaker list by accident. They use all the tricks in the book, including recalls as a form of (free) advertising.This may be a fake story. Look at the numerology. 7 and 44 (multiple of 11, a master number) are signatures.
The story is full of conditionals. There are no actual cases, and no solutions.…

My Toyota has been recalled many times. Each time the fix is the cheapest of parts, taking little time. Since I avoid the dealer at all costs, this is an excellent time to upsell overpriced service. Nothing gets people back to overpricedum like a recall.

The Difference Between Gray, White And Black Propaganda

Gray propaganda is information that’s really on the other end of the spectrum. It’s propaganda that might seem like it’s presenting legitimate arguments that don’t have any sort of agenda behind them, but the origins of the information (or even the names of the groups releasing it) are almost never properly sourced. A source might be noted occasionally, but it’s often ultimately untrue

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1 thought on “Toyota gray propaganda recalls  

  1. xileffilex

    Good call, Ab. I ceased to believe in those recall stories quite some while ago [I have never owned an auto, incidentally and have no desire to own one] Food and Restaurant chains also love their fake stories for some free advertising.


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