How simulated is Mark Zuckerberg?

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It’s not a question of IF, it’s a question of how much.

As I said, I tend to believe there is an actor/agent impersonating him. Maybe the same goes for Obama. Then obviously their past would be a fabrication, everything would be a fabrication. My advice would be not to focus your attention in trying to 0;prove” that he is a “100% simulated character” simply because we don’t know enough about the technology in the hands of the military or whoever is behind this shit (although a fair guess is that it’s not such a great technology, given the sloppy quality of the scam). Virtually all discussions that start with the need to prove that a certain technology is being used, end up prattling about holograms in a matter of two or three posts. All of them. And we don’t need that here.

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