Do not cast pearls before swine

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Comment worth noting when talking to family and friends on fakeology.

Do not cast pearls before the swine. To achieve a high level of “conspiracy ” understanding or truth, a person must be developed in some or most of this things: intelligence, emotional level, empathy, knowledge, life experience, intuition, curiosity etc. You can say that even luck plays an important role, but most likely the luck favors those who work very hard to find answers and those that put the right questions. Things discussed here cannot be handled by 99% of the population (I believe I am generous). So before you discuss conspiracy you must take in consideration that your friend or friends are not ready for high level conspiracy and may never be. If you see potential you may proceed with baby steps. MM papers can be too much especially the ones from this year.

In the end I believe this is beyond conspiracy. When I find about various world deceptions, my personal philosophy is changed. This is not just a hobby that I do for fun, but there is both comedy and tragedy in these matters. This is a personal journey that must be taken individually. Many people here passed through various gatekeepers and their journey can be compared to the labors of Hercules. The best thing people can do is to leave some signs along the way in order to help people that undergo a similar journey.

Source: Talking Conspiracy with Family & Friends | Piece of Mind

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