RR27-Kham, Ab, Typo

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Rollo’s back from wherever.


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6 thoughts on “RR27-Kham, Ab, Typo

  1. John le Bon

    When people like KHam suggest or imply that Tesla must have been real because of ‘newspaper articles’, do they have any idea how hypocritical their position is (when contrasted with their fakeology-related opinions such as no planes on 9/11), or are they truly and completely oblivious?

    As for the choice words about myself, I welcome Rollo to bring his criticisms up with me next time I am there to respond. He has had plenty of opportunities in the past, I can only wonder why he would choose to air his grievances when his guest is KHam and not myself. If I speak highly about my work it is only because of the effort I know has gone into it, and the value it offers those who take the time to check the references for themselves.

    Genuine research and content production is time-consuming and relatively thankless. Certain members of the audience might benefit from giving it a try themselves.

  2. Typoerror

    + while logged in. Any chance of listening to the pre-party? Or will it go straight to video?

    and @Ab, the”bumper” as per your request should be around the 2hour and 9 minutes* mark of Radio Ro11o 19 and lasts a few minutes, a bumper “bumper”.

    Prescientz permissionz are implicit I’d guess.
    He blows first attempt possibly because I tell him “not” to laugh.
    Sorry prescient, It seems no one takes me seriously.

    1. Typoerror

      I have just googled “How to take a compliment?”
      And I am sure that I also “speak” for Rollo when I say Thank you.

  3. tokarski

    Aaron’s take, that the Towers were empty, is of course a leap for anyone, but is worth entertaining for this reason: If he were right, then a “Dr. Judy Wood” would have to be invented to explain the absence of filing cabinets, office furniture, computers, plumbing, etc. in the debris.

    1. ab Post author

      All of the contents could have been emptied over the years without anyone noticing. 1993’s fake bombing was a perfect time to begin the process.


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