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Today’s fighter plane news -FAKE NEWS ALERT

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You don’t have to go to a fringe site like this to get FAKE NEWS. You can simply go to our state sponsored outlet for your fill. Most fakeologists would probably agree that almost ALL media created by the mainstream is fake. Where do they get it all from? The military and its many departments, who contract much of it out to their contractors and subsets thereof.

A CF-18 pilot died Monday when a fighter jet crashed near Cold Lake, Alta. The CF-18 from 4 Wing Cold Lake went down just after 11 a.m. local time on the Saskatchewan side of the Cold Lake Air Weapons Range, said Capt. Mat Strong, public affairs officer with 4 Wing Cold Lake.

Source: Pilot dies in CF-18 crash near Cold Lake, Alta. – Edmonton – CBC News

What a coincidence – Canada just decided to replace these planes with new ones – TODAY!

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Back in the matrix 

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Lovely essay taking about fake news being in the forefront now. Read the whole thing. 

When the stories first came out and the phrase “fake news” was in the headlines, I took notice, actually felt a little sick. Like you being annoyed by it. I had just returned from overseas and recognizing the propaganda from the moment I stepped on a foreign (read: 10x better than any US) airline to the time I had to go back, seeing that phrase in the newspaper and tv snapped my neck a bit.


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