Back in the matrix 

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Lovely essay taking about fake news being in the forefront now. Read the whole thing. 

When the stories first came out and the phrase 0;fake news” was in the headlines, I took notice, actually felt a little sick. Like you being annoyed by it. I had just returned from overseas and recognizing the propaganda from the moment I stepped on a foreign (read: 10x better than any US) airline to the time I had to go back, seeing that phrase in the newspaper and tv snapped my neck a bit.….

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  1. xileffilex

    I had to Laugh out Loud at this clown who used to lead a political party in the UK, the [illiberal] Liberals [nobody can remember who his successor is] who are perplexed that recent votes and referenda had produced the wrong results for them.
    Nick Clegg: Are liberals to blame that hoax news is swinging elections?…
    Monday 21 November 2016

    “… we thought we’d moved on. With the advances in science, information technology and education there was a reasonable expectation that it would be harder, not easier, for politicians to make stuff up and get away with it. “

    Oh, it’s only politicians who lie. Don’t mention the ability of the MSM in cahoots with the controllers to manufacture fake stories day in day out, fake deaths, fake crashes, fake crime, fake court cases. fake disasters…but it seems to be getting easier every day for the perps. News is one big lie.…
    That’s not quite accurate – Easy’s getting easier every day.


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