Does Judy have Wood? 

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A very good question. Not only is Judy’s research nonsense, but her underlying personality is disturbing your subconscious. Could this be why?…

Dr. Judy Wood comes to mind as the most elaborate and long lasting operation where myth is used and combined with modern technology and new vocabulary. Most of us feel sure about Judy Wood being an agent. Looking at the imagery below, it can also be argued that she’s in reality a man. A FTM front-man.
Judy Wood (often used promotional portrait as she toured the various podcast and radio-shows of alternative media)
Judy Wood - promotional image 1

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20 thoughts on “Does Judy have Wood? 

  1. Tom Dalpra

    Haha. Oh dear, here we go.

    Is there any other evidence for Judy Wood being a man other than her having ‘deep set eyes ‘ and her surname being a euphemism for an erection ?
    Certainly saying she has ‘manly hands’ IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH ! Ha!

    That you boys – UNreal, ab and rgos – clearly share a fetish for women being secret men, I think, should not get in the way of decent research, here at this site.
    Judy Wood is quite a prominent agent of 9/11 disinformation . She’s been exposed. I don’t think now going around claiming she’s a man – with seemingly no evidence – is a very good idea at all.
    In fact, it strikes me as a very bad idea and I suggest that people don’t ‘bite’!

    I googled ”older woman” and I post here, the very first picture I came to.
    Let’s see….oooh look at that neck – very blokish – and those manly hands and BIG teeth!

    It’s a joke boys. You can make the claim that anyone is transgender. These empty claims are no better than Dallas Goldbugs silly doubles.
    Thanks for the laugh, anyway.


    1. UNreal


      Glad you’re laughing first here, it gives us the opportunity of laughing last and longest.

      It is quite distasteful that you persistently jump to hasty generalizations and cherrypick parts of sentences to serve in you appeal to ridicule arguments. Not only do you disregard the research provided in the forum post, you incite other member to disregard research from the Fakeologist forums. As much as you have posted and contributed on this site you should be the first to appreciate and consider other researchers efforts and opinions, and even let us make up our own minds, thank you very much.

      1. Tom Dalpra

        You’re welcome. I’m sure people here are quite capable of making their own minds up.
        I’m merely offering my take on it. She might have been born male, but I want evidence.

        You posted a picture of Judy Wood and said –
        •prominent male chin/jaw, neck, nose. index-finger clearly male

        This exposes your research as weak. You can’t say ‘clearly male‘ index finger. It doesn’t work like that. Yes, typically men have longer ring fingers than index fingers but no way is it a hard and fast rule. You should see my girlfriends’ hands. Her ring finger is fractionally longer than her index finger.
        I’ve done deep research there and she is definitely a female.
        It’s the same with the neck, chin and nose. Your take that they look masculine is proof of nothing at all. Personally I think her neck looks feminine.

        It’s like when you posted Tesla’s hand Xray and said ‘ It’s a female hand ‘.
        On what evidence did you base that on ? T

        1. Tom Dalpra

          I believe an expert can give a fair call regarding gender by measuring the bones in a hand ( not by just looking at them ).
          Perhaps if you really believe in this stuff you should take that Xray picture to a specialist.

          Let us know what they say. That might be exciting.

          In the meantime I’m quite happy to not look at Judy Wood at all.

        2. UNreal


          you sound like a broken record. First you permit yourself to make fun of and mock other members research, then you shrug it off as “merely offering an opinion”.

          To put it bluntly Tom Dalpra, even when you sing, you don’t sound right to me.

          1. rgos

            Come on, guys, let’s get along and show some consideration.

            Tom’s into the Soccer Scene where homosexuality is non-existent, let alone transgenderism.

            Unreal’s living in Gay Paris and when he walks into a bar he might be the only straight guy in the room.

            1. Tom Dalpra

              rgos said – ” the Soccer Scene where homosexuality is non-existent,”

              This is a false statement.

              Soccer is a homophobic sport but homosexuality does obviously ‘exist’ there. (Partly) where I grew up, in the fenland of East Anglia in the Seventies, homophobia was normal.
              Certainly there was a homophobic environment at school where any suggestion of homosexuality was openly derided.
              Of course it hadn’t long been legalised in this country at that point.

              A best friend of mine since we were five years old grew up in that, still predominantly homophobic environment and was a classic case of someone not being able to ‘come out’. He killed himself by age 25.

              rgos also said – Unreal’s living in Gay Paris and when he walks into a bar he might be the only straight guy in the room.

              Yes, I’ve stayed with and hung-out with Parisians, including some police and some gay guys, as it goes. Been out for meals, to clubs, including one gay club. Whilst the ‘heterosexual culture’, is of course predominant, there is a ‘gay (‘Gay’ Paris means ‘happy’ ) culture’ in Paris, and maybe UNreal, in immersing himself in the subject is getting confused. For sure there’s a few transexuals about if you look!.

              I think, yes, as you suggest, the bottom line is that we continue with good nature because ultimately we should all want to be gay ( in the true sense of Gay Paris, you understand ).

          2. rgos

            And please, Ab, do make haste with that transgender. subdomain. You don’t want these things to escalate.

          3. rgos

            I believe an expert can give a fair call regarding gender by measuring the bones in a hand

            I believe an astute guy can spot a male leg when he sees one.


    2. rgos

      Is there any other evidence for Judy Wood being a man other than her having ‘deep set eyes ‘ and her surname being a euphemism for an erection ?

      The pictures and videos of her. Most of ’em are shot with a potato. I was shooting decent pictures with a cell phone camera when she first appeared on the scene. Images of her are, almost without exception, very blurry. That’s how she’s imprinted in our brains: as that blurry female materials scientist who was “on our side” when it came to 9/11 and wrote a book on that topic that no one could refute.

      1. rgos

        And, besides Tom, it would be unreasonable from you to expect us to have her sit on a dung chair and have a bit of a grope:…

        Some versions of the legend suggest that subsequent popes were subjected to an examination whereby, having sat on a dung chair containing a hole called sedia stercoraria, a cardinal had to reach up and establish that the new pope had testicles, before announcing “Duos habet et bene pendentes” (“He has two, and they dangle nicely”),[12] or “habet” (“he has them”) for short.[13]

      1. rgos

        Yes, I get the abbreviation, Ab. But he (Judy with the Wood) is male, so that makes him a MTF front-man/agent, right?

        1. UNreal

          @Rgos @Ab

          I got it mixed up in the post, sorry.

          the correct denomination is Male To Female (MTF) for men that act as women. I’m getting confused,,, not easy to know which is which anymore.

          To me it is more difficult to apprehend women who act as men as they under testosterone HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) develop considerable beard growth and muscles. I’ll get to Females To Males (FTM) eventually. However, it’s a bit untasty.


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