“Satellites” run underwater

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are a fantasy – real data runs through big cable – even under the ocean.

0;…and the internet would slow and then stop.” Hmmmm – now, WHY on Earth would that happen – if 99% of internet data goes through undersea cables? What is something most people don’t know about undersea cables?”Most people probably don’t know that 99 percent of all transoceanic data traffic goes through undersea cables, and that includes Internet usage, phone calls and text messages. This route is also faster than satellite transmissions, by up to eight-fold.” europe.newsweek.com/undersea-c… … 9072?rm=eu

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2 thoughts on ““Satellites” run underwater

    1. gaia

      Yeah, great new song.

      The Brazilian “satellite” crash is a good inside view into their methods to fake “satellites”.

      If there would be satellites, pilots flying cross-Atlantic wouldn’t have to predefine their route because they are not tracked:


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