3:30 house explosion

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3:30 is such a dangerous time to be, well, alive.

While waiting for her three children to come home from school, a woman was somehow able to climb out of the rubble after a massive destroyed her house on Tuesday afternoon. Homeowner Denise Kunisch told police that a few minutes before 3:30 p.m. on Nov. , she arrived at her house at 91 Walling Road in Pine Island, let out her dog, and then noticed an odor she described as a rotten egg, sulfur smell in her house, according to Lt. Thomas Maslanka.

Source: Woman escapes house explosion in Pine Island | Warwick Greenwood Lake NY | Local News

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9 thoughts on “3:30 house explosion

    1. UNreal

      hi Ab

      the time of the incident in above news-story is 3:30, and reading the article you referenced in the Forum regarding the murder of Elana Fric Shamji, coincidence seem troublesome that she was found dead 3:30 December 2. The two news stories share a lot of numbers, and both seem fabricated.

      1. UNreal


        the full name of the dead victim found 3:30 December 2 is Elana Fric Shamji.

        -ELANA spells Anale backwards (Anal is Anale in french)
        -FRIC is french slang for money, derived from the verb “fricoter” meaning to shrug against
        -SHAMJI as you referenced contain Sham, not sure about JI. You? Sham You ?

        Together the name can be understood to represent “Anal Money Sham You” aka Elana Fric Shamji.

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