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We continue the trans investigation and discuss the day’s posts.

<06:08:31> 0;”: Night crawler with Jake Gyllenhaal
<08:13:56> “UNreal”: Little Miss Sunshine (2006)

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7 thoughts on “Audiochat-Ab, Unreal

  1. John le Bon

    ‘Tesla had female hands’? Just out of curiosity, might I ask why anybody here believes Tesla actually existed as a physical, living human being? Lurkers and n00bs will think this a crazy question; I hope and expect that veteran fakeologists understand where I am going with this.

    Anyhow, as for that ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ film, I remember watching it many years ago, and I specifically recall that it gave me the heeby jeebies. I might have to go back and watch it again to see if I can put my finger on why that was. I seem to remember that it was marketed as ‘dark comedy’, but I do not remember laughing.

    1. UNreal

      @John le Bon

      i’m of the opinion that most people that appear in public (press, media, politics etc) are what is referred to as “lifetime actors”, real people that play a predetermined role publicly. Tesla is a very good example of such a lifetime actor and public figure, just like Neil deGrasse Tyson is today. I’m at a loss to understand your view when you allude to Tesla not being a “physical, living human being”.

      What exactly is your theory on Tesla if you don’t subscribe to him being a lifetime actor, and what do you base your position* on ?

      *some examples would be great too

  2. Tom Dalpra

    Ahoy guys,
    Yes ab, I must get on audio chat as soon as I can and say ‘hello’.

    Specifically on Tesla’s hand, UNreal, you claim it’s a ‘female hand’ based on what ?
    As I’ve said before, I believe it is possible with the right information, to make reasonable judgements regarding human gender from measuring the bones in the hand.
    One condition, of course, is that it would require having the exact measurements of the actual hand/xray. Are they available?

    Also, apparently, ‘the validity of discriminant function equation in sex determination is population specific’. You’d need local population data (for Tesla Croation stock ? ) to compare it with , I think.

    Perhaps worth noting, a small study i read (link below) claims up to 80 percent accuracy for 2D images and only the ‘fingerprint-level ‘ 92 percent you claim, from three dimensional rendering. Where’s that for Tesla’s Xray ?

    Specifically ”Metacarpals, proximal phalanges and distal phalanges are sexually dimorphic with accuracies of 80%, 76.6% and 80% respectively. Three-dimensional volume-rendered reconstructed images of metacarpals give more accurate results (92.9%) in correct sex determination when compared with 2D images.”

    As I said before, all this, in theory, could be achieved – A 2D analysis, at least, if you could find the exact size of the xray, and local population data to compare it with . My issue is, I see no evidence of such analysis.
    All I’ve read is you claiming ‘It’s a female hand ‘ .
    Fair enough, ok, but how can you tell ? I’m still wondering.

    Ab mentioned the finger ratio thing. I think we can safely rule that out as being a hard and fast rule of gender. IE Hands do not always show gender discriminate ratios of index and ring finger. I pretty much disproved that one for my self some time ago by just asking to look at a few people’s hands. There seemed a clear overlap between males and females around me, at least.


    1. UNreal

      @Tom Dalpra

      UNreal, you claim it’s a ‘female hand’ based on what ?

      The fact that men have shorter index fingers than ring fingers than do women is well established in science since anthropologist Ruggles George 1930 study of Canadian white population (Toronto) entitled ‘Human Finger types’, and even before.

      The objective observation i have put forth for everyone to see is that Tesla’s hand is typically female and that he pretends to be a man. Unless you can’t see how Tesla’s x-ray present same length 2D-4D digits, it is you that are in defense of an eccentric position regarding Nicola Tesla’s hands.

      Supportive evidence for my position to Tesla being a woman is found in the ananlyses of his facial and bodily features from well known photos as well as comparison with Dr. Roentgens early X-ray imagery of hands.

      Anyone can argue that there could be exceptions to what demonstrably is an established gender typical 2D-4D digit-ratio. Sure. However, this is not how you present your critisism, at all.

      Theory, references and further exemples on Elite Gender Inversion can be read and commented in the EGI forum thread.

      Ruggle Geaorge
      Human Finger types (1930)

      •Digit Ratio…

      •PHELPS VR.
      Relative index finger length as a sex-influenced trait in man (1952)

      •Gholamreza Amayeh, George Bebis, Mircea Nicolescu
      Gender Classification from Hand Shape (2008)

  3. Jepulisjepsis

    Yes. You are correct ab. These so called false flags are psychological operations and fear mongering.

    Those are based on Fear of Death. Mostly.

    It’s important to reveal these false flags but more important is get rid of all unnecessary fear of death.

    Because it’s used against us. We are slaves of it.

    “Since the children have flesh and blood, he too shared in their humanity so that by his death he might destroy him who holds the power of death—that is, the devil—and free those who all their lives were held in slavery by their fear of death.” (Hebrews 2:14-15)

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