Half truths

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“The half-truth is the most dangerous form of lie, because it can be defended in part by incontestable logic.”

Source: A HALF-TRUTH Is The Most Effective LIE

SOURCE: “The Secret Destiny Of America,” page 195, by Manly P. Hall, a 33rd degree Freemason; 1944; ISBN: 0-89314-388-X; publisher: The Philosophical Research Society, Inc, Los Angeles, California.

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5 thoughts on “Half truths

  1. Jepulisjepsis

    See this. Breivik case has began to be solved. Not completely but this is a good start.

    Seems that it’s another so called false flag or psy-op where is some very ugly elements inside it. Surely some of those teenagers really has been shot to death. This is reason why people here do not want to open this case here in Scandinavian area.


    These are awful times …

    Ole Dammegård, Jutta Rabe and others have solved many difficult parts of the M/S Estonia sinking.

    The Baltic ferry M/S Estonia, en route from Tallinn to Stockholm with some 1,000 passengers and crew on board, sank on September 28, 1994. Officially reported that 852 persons drowned and died.

    Tallinn is capital of country called Estonia, and Stockholm is capital of Sweden.


    Estonia regained its independence on 20 August 1991 from Soviet Union (Russia). As I remember Soviet Union and my country Finland do not want that Estonia is independent country at all. It was embarrassing subject to our public media to even talk about this.

    And just after Estonia had it’s independency and here Finland this subject can began to be “legal” to talk, this “accident” happened.

    And that was very ugly “accident” (like a revenge or something ???) and that included lot of media lies. Mainstream media is still lying about this here. This case has not opened. Especially here in Finland. Mainstream media lies amazing lot about this “accident” here. I do not Know whether to laugh or cry …

    There was a NATO thrill active in this boat just before this “accident” and they were just patrolling in this same sea area on 1994. I am suspicious every time there is a thrill done by these guys …

    There was a NATO forces doing they exercise there but those do not involved in rescue operation while they were very close to that area? It’s not big sea. They had all equipment and ships to involve in rescue operations but they did nothing.

    Jutta Rabe Estonia 1994

    (This fellow is also putting some half-truths about nuclear theory. So readers should be critical.)

    br. Pete


    1. ab Post author

      I don’t agree that people die in these “false flags”. Most if not all are simulations to induce fear. Ole and his ilk are spreading their own version of fear – when really there is nothing to fear at all if these are HRDPAR. You need to read this site a little more deeply.

      1. Jepulisjepsis

        How do know that “nobody died” fits in all cases?

        Many have seen the death bodies of real drowned Estonia passengers 1994 in rescue centers here and in hospitals here and those were absolutely not fake. Some who drowned are now in bottom of that sea even today are a real identified persons. Ship was not empty. Some of the passengers really drowned.

        Ole Dammegård is not perfect but has done a great job. I agree Breivik was just a patsy and that is a fake story. But how do you know no-one died there in Utoa ? Have you interviewed those teenagers parents ? In Norway case there is also real identified persons who died there and parents seen real shot wounds in their dead child body.

        Why media is then lying about these cases here so much? Mainstream media says Estonia ship sink in natural causes but there was surely a bomb. It was sinked by a bomb, and official story and mainstream media do not talk about this at all. They tell it’s only a wreck of that boats front visor.

        Estonia sinking was a mass murder.


        1. ab Post author

          I haven’t looked into the Estonia. What evidence do YOU have that people die in psyops? Have you read the vicsim report and its related material here?

    2. ab Post author

      Nice to see him recommend Clues, but he in the same breath recommends Judy/John Woods. Not sure why he “avoids 9/11”, but thanks for the link.

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