Humble revisits 9/11

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Humble should have called me or our instead of gatekeeper Syrett (who thinks we went to the moon even before 1969). Start at 1:05. Humble even mentions September  Clues

Richard Syrett returns to deal with Humble’s angst over 911 / Fred has backed off facebook / Humble’s new facebook pic / Broadcasting deaths / Rich Murray of Richtoons brings more colouring books / Drunk vs. stoned.

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1 thought on “Humble revisits 9/11

  1. el sushi de la mancha

    Humble tourne autour du pôt, at the 122′ mark , they mentioned about the military drill which happened on 9/11, they even mentioned that the military would have had some ” CGI plane crashes / attacks ” simulations in order to prevent – anticipate that kind of ” terrorist attack “, bla blablabla. But never connects the dots (me believe that this is done on purpose). Rabbit hole kind of show.

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