Outing Max

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I’m not sure who’s side Miles is on  these days, but he appears to be targeting some of the mainstream .

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Strangely enough, I started questioning Timothy Maxwell Keiser’s bio from the direction of Stacy Herbert. I used to like both of them, since they are admittedly funny together. They put together a good show. But I finally figured out it is just that: a show. A project. I have known that for a couple of years, since I could see they were diverting us from the real history. Like Dave McGowan and Mae Brussell and many others, they were questioning minor parts of the script, but accepting the main line as true. But until now I didn’t understand exactly what they were up to, or where they came from.

Coincidentally, @adamcurry just mentioned that he recently visited with M&S. Coincidence?


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  1. richard benedict

    Thank you for posting this, Ab. Yes, the enigmatic Miles Mathis appears do be doing valuable work but to what end? I like that Mathis mentions Mae Brussel. If one goes back and reads Mae Brussel’s material on Charles Manson through fakeologist lens, it is easy to see the hoaxy elements.

    A prominent attorney by the name of George Shibley who works with groups in the Middle East—in Beverly Hills he has powerful connections—met with Charles Manson just before he got out of jail in Treasure Island. No one will know what conversation transpired between Mr. Shibley [and Manson], or why he was up there. Or why Charles Manson is unknown. This illegitimate child of a sixteen year-old girl, no family or kin. No one would know how Charles Manson would get such a famous Beverly Hills attorney to visit him before he was paroled.


    Hippie cult leader Charles Manson hopes to finance his legal defense against seven counts of murder in the Sharon Tate slayings by selling a record album.
    George E. Shibley, the lawyer who is handling Sirhan B. Sirhan’s appeal and who has identified himself as an old friend of Manson, says the defendant is conducting negotiations with a record company.


    Prominent Beverly Hills attorney, chummy with Manson and handling Sirhan Sirhan’s appeal.

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