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John and I discuss transgenderism, the hoaxbusters network, Adam Curry on Alex Jones, and fake news.


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3 thoughts on “FCC-John Adams

  1. richard benedict

    Edifying conversation by 2 folks I always enjoy listening to. @Ab, you are right about Shakespeare being a composite. The book that lays it all out is Alfred Dodd’s Francis Bacon: A Personal Life Story.


    {published by Kessinger, masonic publishing house www.themasonictrowel.com/links…

    Dodd details how Bacon led a team of 24 scribes working to create the plays. Bacon created a temple to his muse Pallas Athena, the shaker of the spear, for the ghost writers to work in.

    I wonder if that template is still used to day for the PSYOPS.

    Below is the smoking gun image that reveals the sham. The name Shakespeare appears hyphenated. Pallas Athena was the shaker of the spear to stamp out ignorance.


  2. UNreal

    Very enjoyable discussion and an intelligible debate on Elite Gender Inversion.

    Regarding EGI i’ve had the opportunity to openly discuss the subject with Ab on several audio-chats, and as much as i don’t agree on many of the points made, it’s refreshing to hear a different point of view.

    Regarding the No Agenda show i’ve always been puzzled by Adam Curry. It is not surprising he eventually would be on Alex Jones show and in my view even fitting as these entities could be understood as two sides of the same story – alternative media is promoted and controlled by the same people that brought us the mainstream media.


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