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I’ve decided to move a couple of single guest/not rambling audiochats over to the old Fakeologist Audio Series, perhaps as a way to stoke its fires.

Great chat with a new voice! A 25 year old from Holland who’s a world citizen. Also featuring director of research .
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<13:48:42> “UNreal”: Thanks for chat Ab and Narrator, i’ll have to leave very soon but will listen to the audiochat to catch up !
<14:11:29> “narrator”: Do you still hear me?
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<14:43:39> “narrator”: www.google.nl/search?q=ellen+v…

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3 thoughts on “FAK156-Narrator, Unreal, Ab

  1. John le Bon

    Very enjoyable listen. Thanks to the three men involved.

    Some of the points made by Narrator reminded me that although I’m not even 30 years old, I’m largely ‘out of touch’ with university-aged (young) adults. Things are changing rapidly, and it is folly to assume that things have always changed at such a rate. The experience of ‘reality’ for a young person today is significantly different to not merely their grandparents, or even their parents, but of people just a few years their senior.

    I could write a lot more on this but suffice to say that as encouraging as it was to listen to a new, energetic, and refreshingly honest voice discussing fakeology, this audiochat reminded me more than most just how little hope there is for the average person being born today to escape the lie system.

  2. narrator

    Thanks for your comment. I’m still part of the old student loan system where you get the money for free if you finish school. In the new system they have to pay everything back. It’s on of the main reasons to finish it. Also I don’t know what else to do. I have been going to school all my life and it’s very difficult to do something else. I tried quit school 2 years ago when I was completely fed up with the system. However, I got depressed did know what else to do without the piece of paper called my diploma. I decided to continue it. To pass European law I wrote this essay about that everything Adolf Hitler said was exactly what is happening now with the European Union. I got the feedback that this sort of subjects are not appropriate for my education. For my resit I wrote a bullshit essay regarding how great the EU is and pass the course. From then on I decided to not think much about school and try to still learn the few things they can learn me and hang out with friends.

    Now with my thesis I learn a lot about world citizenship, UNESCO, world government, etc. Sadly, I cannot publish my true findings in my thesis. All these ideas and organisations are detrimental for humanity. Instead I use them as arguments for my thesis. It’s weird and when I was younger I struggled with this a lot. Now, I just want to finish. If I knew what else I could do, I would do it, but it’s difficult to get a good job with a bachelor at least. Sometimes I feel like a coward to be honest. Deep inside I know I should have quit school a long time ago.

    How did you leave? And what were you studying? How did you find out about 911 at that time? Around 2002, I was in the last year of elementary school or in the first year of high school. How did you experience the Dutch education system in general? I came to the realisation that my school is probably run my masons. I did this ethics and consciousness minor last year. During that minor we got a walk through school. The teacher showed us a huge all seeing eye in the hallway that I have never noticed since studying there. He showed us almost all the masonic symbols you get think of throughout our school. The Teacher’s explanations was that the artist and architects who build the school were great visionaries and knew a lot about consciousness.

    The girl that transformed to a boy was quite disturbing to see. A lot of students didn’t understand why it was happening. I was myself quite confused by it and shocked to see her scarred body. www.ad.nl/den-haag/transitie-v…

    I don’t know what they want us to become. Because, most jobs they are educating for are disappearing while we are studying them. They really want us to thing that we can change the world and also that we are a very special generation. There is also this push and narrative that we young people should go out there, make things happen, explore new things, travel and meet new people. It all sounds good, but it’s actually not there to help us. Every person at my school if you talk to, says the same thing. I asked my change management teacher if it is not becoming boring that everyone now wants to change the world and explore new things? How new innovative is something if everyone wants it? I don’t know how it was for you at school, but one of the things that is becoming more and more normal and also high school is open door and glass study classrooms. The concept of sitting in a closed classroom is disappearing at my school and now everything should be about sharing and openness.

    What do you mean with misrepresented? I lived in the east of the Netherlands and now in west. There are differences on how people think. I don’t want to brush off all the Dutch people as the same. I don’t watch television any more so most of the things that are happening I hear from friends. Thanks for your comment and I hope to talk you on the audiochat in the future. If you have other feedback points I would love to hear it!

  3. Henkus

    Great talk.
    Best part was when Narrator actually admits he doesn’t even believe (anymore?) in the thesis he writes for his final exam for the global citizen university or whatever.
    So you really only finish this total indoctrination ‘education’ to not have to pay back the student loan?

    When I hear about that transgender propaganda that was spewed inside the total globalist brainwashing ‘university’ that you go to. Where the royal pedos come every year to promote this institution….
    I would immediately leave that ‘school’. Like I did myself when I was in the ‘higher education’ and tried to ask my ‘teachers’ about 9/11 (in 2002) and I was asked to just shhhh…….

    Somehow I admire you for even trying to finish this but on the other hand I am scared of what that institution promotes and what you and maybe your classmates will become.
    I hope you will bring us more insights into what you actually ‘learn’ there.

    On a minor side note I do think you kindof misrepresented what people in NL feel.
    But you are from a totally different background than I am so it is understandable.
    Oh and yes I am Dutch but still don’t have the courage to appear on the chat but after hearing you I have more courage and it might now be only a matter of time before I appear.
    Still comfortable with being the guy who makes the stupid comments…..

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