FAK157-Folius Hattius

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I talk to a new Fakeologist, Folious Hattius from Sweden.


Latest on Van Gogh misdirection: www.thestar.com/entertainment/…




play.google.com/store/apps/det… recommendation.

Thank you for a very nice talk today. Finally I got hold of you. Sorry for the bad sound quality, I will try to get some kind of good headset to my phone for the future.

As I mentioned I was at Open Mind Conference in Copenhagen 2016 asking some Fakeologist perspective questions to the talkers.

Ole Dammegårds talk I ask a question at 1.46 in the video

Jens Mohr Tygesen about 1.18 in the video

Christopher Bollyn at 1.45 in the video

Johan Oldenkamp at 1.27 in the video

I think our homepage is down right now but it iswww.foreningencuibono.se

Here is our youtubechannel. It is me presenting the lecture “Den Stora Konspirationen” which we held on the 15:th anniversary of


I actually gave Dean Hartwells book “Was 9/11 a movie” to Mark Devlin when he was in Gothenburg as I tried to convince him of the Fakeologist perspective. I don´t know if he will look into it since he told me a lot of people is poking on his attention every day and he say he will look in to things when he actually won´t just to be nice to people when they tell him things.. He has a podcast on his own called “Good vibrations podcast”

It would be great if you came on his show or if you invited him to attend yours.

If we can convince people that already have an audience of the Fakeologist perspective maybe we can get the message spreading.

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