4 thoughts on “Huxley fest

  1. Henkus

    More and more interested in the Elite Gender Inversion theory.
    I am disgusted by it but….. if you don’t study your enemy you can never overcome you enemy , right?

    Was supposed to be a reply to Unreal

  2. UNreal

    Aldous Huxley is not only interesting in himself, his whole family is actually quite intriguing.

    Huxley was married twice, with some flirtations (Nancy Cunard, Paulette Goddard) and under is an interview with his second wife, violinist Laura Archera.


    As usual for prominent members of the Elite, most of Huxley’s female partners present very manly features.

    1. John le Bon

      What is more interesting about Aldous Huxley: that his grandfather was ‘Darwin’s Bulldog’, and helped promote not only evolution but dinosaur -> bird evolution; or that some photos of his family can be interpreted as possibly showing signs of masculine women/feminine men?

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