Crrow and Changing Reason

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Good interview with a very good youtuber. 

Seeing False News for what it is In this episode I meet someone who saw one of my false news clips and then began to research. He now sees the news for what it is and does his own research to help others see the light of day in the age of deception. We live in a peaceful world that is hidden behind false violence piped into every house every day by NEWS – North, East, West, South – Warping your mind in every direction. Subscribe to Crrow777’s Free RSS Feed False news, false flag, hoax, lies, med

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7 thoughts on “Crrow and Changing Reason

  1. John le Bon

    Crrow’s general demeanour – the worldview, outlook and emotions he conveys with his words – strikes me as being only slightly less hostile to the psyche than Alex Jones. My words here may not properly articulate what I am trying to convey, but I suspect at least some other people may get my general sentiment. There is something uneasy about Crrow. As though he genuinely believes (or wants his listeners to genuinely believe) that we are moments away from calamity.

    I am not suggesting that this is his intent, and have precisely zero evidence that this is so. I am instead suggesting that this is his effect – at least on me, when I listen. I feel like I am listening to a man whose intelligence has led him to a dark outlook, a place I would not want to follow him, even if I believed he knew more than I do.

    That said, his interview with Dave J a few months ago was good value, so long as you have already covered enough of the prerequisites. Not the kind of thing one would recommend to a truth n00b.

  2. xileffilex

    Nice video from Hooked on Your Hoax summing up tried and tested formula of the baby hoax, with special reference to the amusing Chattanooga bus crash drill discussed and presented by Changing Reason [and cited in this video also]

  3. smj

    here’s the etymology for cybernetics…

    ” coined 1948 by U.S. mathematician Norbert Wiener (1894-1964) from Greek kybernetes “steersman” (metaphorically “guide, governor”) + -ics; perhaps based on 1830s French cybernétique “the art of governing.

    “The future offers very little hope for those who expect that our new mechanical slaves will offer us a world in which we may rest from thinking. Help us they may, but at the cost of supreme demands upon our honesty and our intelligence. [Norbert Wiener, “God and Golem, Inc.,” 1964]”

    …got it? it’s greek for ‘to guide and to govern’. it also just so happens that the greek symbols for the first secret greek fraternity are phi beta and kappa. here’s the etymology for phi beta kappa…

    “undergraduate honorary society, 1776, from initials of Greek philosophia biou kybernetes “philosophy, guide of life.”

    …you see what they did there? philosophy is kybernetes, or cybernetics. god and golem, indeed. the narrative tells us that the golem was created in bohemia by rabbi loew, who just so happened to be in rudolf II’s court; rudolf’s court was the biggest collection of alchemical hustlers ever…

    “The Maharal also became famous among non-Jews for his great secular knowledge of mathematics, astronomy, and other sciences. He was a great friend of the astronomers Tycho Brahe and Johannes Kepler. These in turn introduced him to Emperor Rudolph II. According to many legends, the emperor paid him frequent visits during the night, to discuss with him both politics and science, and Rabbi Judah Loew made use of these excellent connections to the advantage of his community whenever it was threatened by attacks or oppression.”………

    …do you see the hustle?

    the narrative says phi beta kappa was a secret organization until 1832. it became an open organization due to anti-masonic sentiment in virginia we’re told. so those dialectical hustlers at yale had to do something about that of course…

    “Phi Beta Kappa dropped its secret society aspect in 1832 and became an “open honorary organization,” and “[in] protest, apparently, William H. Russell, valedictorian of 1833, got Alphonso Taft and thirteen other members of ’33 to form what is now perhaps the most famous secret society in the United States.”…

    …and skull and fuckin bones was born…

    “The society had been founded in 1832. The conception seems to have been that of the 1833 valedictorian, class orator, and secretary of Phi Beta Kappa, William Huntington Russell. He was joined as a founder by Alphonso Taft, future father of US president William Howard Taft, Class of 1878. (Alphonso, his son William Howard noted in a speech given at Yale in 1909, had been so determined on a quality college education that he “walked from Vermont to Amherst College, Mass, and then he heard there was a larger college at New Haven, and he walked there.”) Russell, Taft, and their four cofounders were all Phi Beta Kappa. They invited eight classmates to join them.”…

    …i’ve posted about the hustling motherfucker that started the sheffield psientific lab at yale, created the hustlers’ paradise that is berkeley, and setup johns hopkins to become the mecca of modern medicine. his name was daniel coit gilman…

    “In the second half of the 19th century, Yale College produced four men who were to play pivotal roles in creating a new and distinctly American kind of university and in the way medicine was taught in this country:
    Daniel Coit Gilman, Yale 1852, the founding president of The Johns Hopkins University and the guiding genius whose ideas and spirit infused the new institution with a thirst for knowledge and new truths acquired via scientific research.
    William Henry Welch, Yale 1870, the first appointment by Gilman to the medical faculty of the new university in 1884. Welch became the unquestioned leader of the scientific revolution that fostered a new approach to medicine in America. For 50 years he held the respect, awe, and admiration of America’s medical profession; there has never been another like him.
    William Stewart Halsted, Yale 1874, the first professor of surgery in the medical school at Johns Hopkins and regarded as the most important figure in the history of surgery in America.
    Harvey Williams Cushing(father of the famous cushing sisters), Yale 1891, Halsted’s first resident at Johns Hopkins and acknowledged as the founder of neurosurgery in America.”……

    …the boner families made their money from opium of course. gilman was the first treasurer of the russell trust, the coporate entity behind the boners. the russell in the russell trust was the cousin of the russell in the russell & company, the opium consortium. russell & co. was run by some famous families you may have heard of…

    “Warren Delano, Jr., the grandfather of Franklin Roosevelt (32nd President of the United States) served as the Chief of Operations of Russell and Company in Canton.
    Robert Bennet Forbes (1804–1889) was the head of Russell and Company.
    John Murray Forbes (1813-1898), brother of Robert Bennet Forbes and the great-granduncle of 2004 presidential candidate John Forbes Kerry.
    Abiel Abbot Low, founder of trading company A. A. Low & Brothers, served as a partner.
    William Henry Low, Abiel Abbot Low’s uncle, senior partner of the firm.
    William Henry Low, Abiel Abbot Low’s brother.Augustine Heard, who later founded Augustine Heard & Company, a large trading house in China.
    Russell Sturgis, who later became head of Baring Brothers in London.
    John Cleve Green (1800-1875) Philanthropist – benefactor of Princeton University.”…

    …but that’s another story. let’s stick to that scumbag gilman and his philosophical hustle…

    ” In the beginning, The Johns Hopkins University consisted of Daniel Coit Gilman and a board of trustees. There was neither faculty, nor students, nor buildings. Gilman made the decision to postpone for several years the creation of the medical school called for in Mr. Hopkins’ will. The hospital wasn’t built until 1889, and the medical school opened in 1893. His first task was to create a first-class “faculty of philosophy,” as he called it, and to people it with students of the highest caliber. From the very first, the graduate students far outnumbered the undergraduates, and thus Gilman set about the creation of a totally new type of research-based university in America.”…

    …his vision follows. it has that progressive masonic ring to it, don’t it???

    ” An enduring foundation; a slow development, first local, then regional, then national influence; the liberal promotion of all useful knowledge; the special provision of departments as are elsewhere neglected in this country; a generous affiliation with all other institutions, avoiding interferences and engaging in no rivalry; the encouragement of research; the promotion of young men; and the advancement of individual scholars, who by their excellence will advance the sciences they pursue, and the society where they dwell.”

    …and he made his vision a reality to detriment of humans (the gullible ape golem) everywhere…

    ” Gilman succeeded beyond his wildest dreams. Gilman was the visionary, the encourager, the seeker of bright students and faculty with fresh ideas. He encouraged the publication of the research results from the fledgling school, and at his backing the Johns Hopkins Press became the first publication agency of a university. It was established in 1878 to publish the American Journal of Mathematics; soon to follow were specialty journals in chemistry, philology, biology, history, and political science, all edited and supported by the Hopkins faculty. He built up the intellectual atmosphere of the school by inviting prominent men of learning to deliver public lectures at Hopkins, a common practice in our day but a bold innovation at the time.Some measure of his influence and importance in American education can be gleaned from the accolades accorded by his biographers:
    Gilman’s greatest achievement, and the one with which his name will always be associated, was the introduction of the idea of a true university to America. It would be difficult, if not impossible, to point to any other instance in which a fundamental advance in the aims of higher education has been so closely identified with the work of one man. —Fabian Franklin
    It was Gilman, and Gilman alone, who created the pattern of the modern university which has since been widely adopted in the United States. His concept made original research the distinguishing and central feature of the American university. —Abraham Flexner
    On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Johns Hopkins, Woodrow Wilson, himself a product of the school, had this to say to Professor Gilman:You were the first to create and organize in America a university in which the discovery and dissemination of new truths were conceded a rank superior to mere instruction…. In this, your greatest achievement, you established in America a new and higher university ideal, the education of trained and vigorous young minds through the search for truth under the guidance and with the cooperation of master investigators.”

    …really? fabian fuckin franklin, gilman’s other biographer, flexner, started the institute of advanced study at princeton, where the grand unifier (einstein) would take romatic walks every evening with herr incompleteness (gödel). what a bunch of dialectical fucks………

    …but whatever, philosophize at your own risk y’all.

    philosophia biou kybernetes

  4. xileffilex

    A really great discussion about waking up. Thanks for finding that, Ab. I’ve been following Changing Reason since he started up at Brussels.

  5. 12x42nikon

    whiel i havent checked thsi video, (just gona force myself to listen to it now)

    read my crow777 story, that i will now tell for the first time , unles ive mentioned it in the fakeologist teamspeak before or something, cant remember.

    anyway a few years ago this guy crow777 uploaded a video called something like “ufo passes in front of the moon”.

    it had thousands of views, i came across it in sidebar, i was not searching for moon videos. i watched it, it showed image of moon, filling most of the screen, and a small black object passed across the screen.

    i have no specific reason to doubt that it was a real video, a real view, of a camera set up filming the moon, in good quality, and a real black object passing in front of the moon(who knows it could have been edited in but it didnt need to be).

    the main thing is that it was very quick, and to me looked like an insect. there is no logical reason that anyoen would assume it was anything else, and i would describe myself as an ‘openminded person’.

    the speed was insect or bird type speed, if i remember right, it was repeated in super slow mo, and the flight path didnt even look straight.
    so if you can follow what im saying here, it passed in front of the lareg moon very quickly, so if it would have been “at the moon” as claimed by the video title, it woudl have had to have been going very fast, and been a very large object itself in relation to teh moon.. and there was no way it was “at the moon” anyway, surely i thought anyone with their own mental ability can see that?
    anyway, i put the points to crow777 in the comments, and after a bit of awkward back and fore, accusing me of being a troll etc, he ended up agreeing with me, that what i was saying made sense, and that there was no reason for anyone including him to realistically assume that the video was of an object passing in front of the moon,
    while there was every reason to assume it was closer to the camera, and could have been a bird or insect.
    so i said to him then something like – why dont you change the video title then, because it is obviously inaccurate, and you made it to make the video popular while you now agree with me that its not a realistic video title, right?
    he responded by calling me a troll, and other senteces liek that, saying i was a hater and if i didnt believe it i didnt have to watch it, etc etc.

    he refused to change the video title.

    i just repeated the facts, and then he deleted my comments, and i went to his channel, found another video that was a similar exageration for views, made a similar comment, he responded calling me a “troll” soem more, and blocked me.
    i forgot all about the guy and his videos, until i heard people mentioning him on youtube last year, and i realised hes actually got quite a lot of subscribers these days.
    im listening to this video now and it seems to be about sandy hook or staged events or whatever, il listen to it, since ist been posted here, and mayeb it is talking about real stuff, although i swear what i just said is 100% truth, people can make of it what they want. cheers.

    1. 12x42nikon

      ah i got to leave another reply to explain it more clearly because it might not make the point asx clear as i tried to, sorry for this.
      the title of the video i mentioned, was more like ‘object at the moon’ and the descriprion, implied that the object was a ufo flying over the moon, at the moon, and that was crow777s standpoint, until he had to agree with what i was saying, that there was no way that it coudl be at the moon, even if there were ufos flying round the moon, the speed scale etc, just looked wrong, totally. he ended up having to agree that that title in no way described the video accurately.
      after he had to agree with what i was saying, he still refused to change the video title, then pointlessly acused me of trolling and deleted the comment. and kept it as a title that made out like it was a ufo flying around the moon, when it was just a camera trained on the moon while a bird insect or whatever else it coudl have been (not an aircraft in flight) also passed in front of the camera.


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