HBC:KHOAX-music that bombed – Project Nuke Hoax

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Crawl out through the fallout. Fantastic show guys make sure to support hoaxbusterscall.com

In this special edition of the Afternoon Commute, John and Myself(Chris) , being fans of the podcast, Project Moonbase(http://www.projectmoonbase.com), do our own version with an Atom Bomb theme, Featuring:Atom Bomb by Glen Barber, Nuclear Weapon by Roland Alphonso & The Skatalites,The Bomb by Volkor X, Nuclear War by Sun Ra, Thirteen Women by Bill Haley and The Comets, Eclectic Funeral by Brass Sabbath, Loving Arms by The Bellfries, Oh Lord Donâ??t Let Them Drop That Atomic Bomb on Me by

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2 thoughts on “HBC:KHOAX-music that bombed – Project Nuke Hoax

  1. Henkus

    Loved that hoaxbusters episode.
    Many of the songs that are played in that episode are also featured in the video game series Fallout.
    I have posted before ,somewhere deep burried now (I hope) in these forums, about the link between the Duck and Cover concept and the Fallout video game series. Especially how part 3 of Fallout (2008) woke me up to the concept of Duck and Cover (and how it was used to scare us all etc ).

    Here is the list from the newest series :

    With my new favourite song that I heard of via the Hoaxbusterscall :

    Crawl Out Through the Fallout (Novelty Song): Sheldon Allman (1960)

    Why are the links you posted via google?
    Let me fix the link to the mp3 file at least :


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