7 thoughts on “Joe Rogan is a 9/11 Truth Gatekeeper

  1. patrix

    I think all celebrities has to follow the agenda. If they don’t they stop being a celebrity because MSM stop writing about them and inviting them to shows.

    I saw Mark Devlin a few weeks ago. I thought he was interesting, but I think many conspiracy theorists buy into what might be psyops like the Monarch program and Satanism. But they may be genuinely convinced.

    1. Vespadouglas


      What is marky mark “genuinely convinced” about, exactly? .

      The nuke hoax? no planes? all governments are puppets?

      He’s a cheap British Dave McGowan. Nothing more.

  2. tokarski

    So much is obvious. Add to the list of controlled opposition Mr. the earth is not flat, it is a plane Crrow777, and you got yourself a triple 777 bonus. Crrow specializes in taking the good work of honest researchers and caking it in black frosting. Just another spook.

    I wonder sometimes if anyone is for real … Mark Devlin too looks like a spook. Total spectrum dominance?

    1. ab Post author

      I didn’t hear Crrow777 on the shape of the earth. Most of his audios are enjoyable and lucid. It’s good to consume all your media with suspicion.

      1. tokarski

        I have listened as you with interest, and to most of his broadcasts, subscribing for a short while to get part two. I quote almost exactly, that the best way to view our “planet” is to drop the “t.” At the same time he says he is not a flat earther.

        If Devlin in the near future abandons his “Paul is Dead” schtick, then he might be genuine. It has been made abundantly clear to him with strong evidence that the PID psyop was misdirection to hide a set of twins. If he pushes forward with it, it is knowing deception if his followers.

        1. Vespadouglas

          My word. You really do talk some shite ( talkoutyourarseki) dude. If marky blah admits blah Paul McCartney blah he’s not a shill blah. Nothing more than inane ramblings.

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