Whatsapp rags to riches hoax

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I tried to tell my father I don’t believe much coming from the MSM, especially the NYT. 

After their story on /01 featuring 19 Moslem tewwowists knocking down buildings, there’s really nothing more needed to prove they promote lies. 

I mention 19 because I use this and other occult numerology to validate my claim of obvious storytelling. 

The following story has so much more than 19 (billion) in it. I won’t go through every bit of storytelling, but suffice it to say the founder of this 0;safe from NSA snooping” app is probably no more real in his character development than Bugs Bunny. 

When Facebook bought WhatsApp for more than $19 billion in 2014, Jan Koum, a founder of the messaging company, arranged to sign a part of the deal outside the suburban social services center where he had once waited in line to collect food stamps.


More manufactured tech/science leaders:



Oh, and I do use and like whatsapp. I have no illusions of my lack of privacy there, and its ultimate purpose. 

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1 thought on “Whatsapp rags to riches hoax

  1. boethius

    In the 50’s-60’s Computer Science was for crew-cut company men working for the government or big corporations.
    In the 70’s it became the province of hippies who removed most TPTB’s restrictions. Suddenly computers could do things.
    In the 80’s TPTB took control again via IBM, Microsoft and Apple.
    In the 90’s TPTB bought up all the talent and brains they could via “startups” and the myth of “geniuses” becoming rich.
    In the 00’s TPTB flooded the market with free software and tools empowering mankind to create an incomprehensible spaghetti of code, system and behavior that snarls anyone touching it.

    Stories like Google, Facebook and Whatapp (all parts of one company run by an umbrella organization) keep aspiring computer Scientists people focused on the wrong things.

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