HBC479-9/11 – Target Town Towering Inferno

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Bike messengers in NYC didn’t see any planes on .

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6 thoughts on “HBC479-9/11 – Target Town Towering Inferno

  1. boethius

    Last Post:
    Windows on the World was the name of the restaurant and the most famous part of the Twin Towers. A window is also a period of opportunity. The window of opportunity started at the announcement of the second plane and ended with the fall of the first building: between 9:00 and 10:00. the time 9:11 falls within that window. The window physically occurred between the first and second towers, an area blocked from outsider’s view. All eyes on the ground were focused up at the hoax plane crash. Remember this was a magic trick which succeeded partially because of misdirection, partially because of people’s tendency to be quiet and do nothing in times of crisis (like G.W. Buch at the school, taking the lead in doing nothing so we all felt better about participating).

    The emperor walks the street but nobody can look at him. He holds his ritual or ceremony right in the middle of NYC, during the day, but nobody sees him. It’s because of a trick but the effect is the same. We didn’t see him (or her). Check your footage of 9/11. Do you see any pics of the base of the towers during this window? When you see firemen and people are they far away? Are the buildings already gone? Do the copters ever pan down? Not even the fake pictures and video show the base. It was that sacred during the window.

    What were they doing? If you think it was about money and Rothschilds did you know 9/11 stopped the stock market for a week? Did you know 9/11 removed money from Manhattan for the next few days? (I’ll let you figure out that one. I wonder if it made the news). Money is catnip they throw at us to keep us scrambling around. The real power invented money, it doesn’t use it or need it. Real power made the world sit down for an hour. Real power kept you looking everywhere but at it for 15 years and counting….probably for the rest of your life.

    You say we’re modern, evolved as a species yet they pull the same trick on us they pulled 10,000 years ago. You think the people who built the pyramids had a better idea of what was going on than we, the people who built the Twin Towers? You think they saw the ultimate ritual or usage any better than we did? All of out intelligence is manufactured and given to us to keep us occupied and looking in the wrong direction. I can say that for the past 5 years online I have seen nothing but people looking in the wrong direction, some very smart people, but always looking in the wrong place.

    1. UNreal

      hello boethius

      Many or most members at the site would agree with the fact 9/11 was “pulled off” like a magic trick, even that the towers were built to be torn down and maybe didn’t even have all the floors claimed (said to be 110, but might have been 33…). The film “The Prestige” pretty much give us the general procedure.

      In your posts you seem to suggest most researchers have missed some angles (or angels) to the big picture regarding the events that day and also in general as to what subjects really should be researched. I’m curious on both accounts – what is your theory about what went on that day (9/11) on ground level and what subjects do you encourage other alternative researchers to look more into ?

  2. boethius

    9/11 was and continues to be a magic trick. It is all misdirection. When we were looking at the top of the towers we should have been looking at the base. When we were standing still we should have been moving. When we were looking at how the planes hit and how the towers collapsed, the real action was happening after the planes and before the fall. During that window, when the whole world was quietly watching the tops of those towers, something important was happening at the base. Ever notice how you only ever see the tops of the towers? The base is incredibly difficult to see, even if you are standing a block away. The towers are built on a platform 50 feet above the West Side highway. A view of the base was blocked by many surrounding buildings including WTC #7. The buildings were built and an angle to each other such that it would be very easy to hide something happening between them if people were kept at a distance. Such as if there was danger of falling objects. But what about the people in the surrounding buildings? Couldn’t they see down? Yes, unless those buildings were evacuated for fear of plane attack. If you were in a building on a high floor and believed two planes crashed into nearby buildings would you stay and watch? With all the people kept several blocks away, with all the surrounding buildings evacuated, whatever needed to happen between those towers, at the base, in privacy, while the world watched….what did George Bush do when he heard the news?….he sat down quietly and waited. What did you do during that hour before the fall? You sat down in front of your computer or TV and quietly waited. You were part of the ritual. You followed the script. I take back what I said about people not being actors. We are actors following a script. Sit down and be quiet until the towers fall was the scene that day. The Towers were a megalith, built by thousands of people pouring billions of dollars into it just so they could be destroyed in plain sight, while nobody noticed what was happening. Do you think this had anything to do with the other megaliths constructed by humans over the eons? Why not do it at 4am on Sunday when the world was silent? Why do it right before the Stock Exchange opens, the busiest time of the working day downtown? Why not say it was a dirty bomb? Why have the whole world looking right at it but looking at the wrong part? It was a magic trick and we were all fooled. You’re still being fooled, following the before (planes) and after (collapse) scripts. The real action was the during. Strange that not a single person in the 9/11 truth universe even knows there was a “during.” The correct answer is that everything you have ever thought, done or believed about 9/11 is wrong and purposely so. The human race does not figure things out, discover or invent. We follow a script. When something is supposed to happen it does but we do not create our own future. Looking at how the brains of thousands of people have come up with absolutely nothing except words from a script, I see how this is true. The greatest trick of all is believing we control our own lives.

  3. boethius

    You don’t realize what 9/11 was because you can’t imagine what happened. You can’t imagine what happened because you’re view of humanity comes from TV, movies and fantasy novels despite what you know about yourself and see in others, you choose to believe the lie about humans. 9/11 is another TV show, movie and fantasy novel. You might as well be debating Start Trek or Star Wars. What’s wrong with TV, movies and fantasy novels? They portray humans in a false light. They make us what we want to be not what we are. 9/11 worked because of who we are. 9/11 wouldn’t have worked if we were who we are on TV. But this doesn’t make any sense to you because you don’t even know what 9/11 was. Hint: it wasn’t on TV or the Internet. Another hint: people are not actors on a stage like Shakespeare would have us believe. We are passive and not even observational while we are passive. Things happen and we freeze, collectively, as a species. 9/11 was about creating quiet, stopping the world and freezing the human race, which for all your belief about our aggressive and curious nature, is surprisingly easy to do. This wasn’t even the first time it happened and I’m not sure what they were after or if they got it but they sure did get the effect right.

  4. boethius

    There were no bike messengers downtown on 9/11. I don’t think you could imagine how quiet NYC was on that day. In your mind it was loud. There was nothing loud about 9/11. All the noise exists in our head. We created it from pictures of loud things we were indoctrinated with like spaceships and wars and bombs exploding which we superimposed upon the images of 9/11 presented to us. Nobody saw 9/11. Not even the people who were there. It was always images and out own beliefs bringing them to life. The real 9/11 was quiet and peaceful. The real 9/11 is hidden behind the noise we created and the noise the “truth” movement continues to create.

  5. boethius

    What we think of as the craziest and most chaotic day was actually the quietest and the calmest. All the noise and confusion exists in our minds because we create it, because we believe it, because we want it to exist. Everything we believe is the opposite of what really exists. We are taught that the truth is hard to see and requires years of careful study when in reality it is obvious, unhidden and right in front of us.


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