Hiroshima and Curtis “Torch” LeMay

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The whole nuclear science hoax unravels in its capstone event: the Holocaust.

After 9/11, the biggest lie of the last 100 years has to be the atomic/nuclear myth. No nuclear science, no nuclear bombs, no nuclear power.

If you remove this prime stress agent, watch how your life improves. Happy 2017.

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7 thoughts on “Hiroshima and Curtis “Torch” LeMay

  1. questioningourreality

    I don’t buy that Hiroshima or Nagasaki got firebombed either. The imagery they give us for what Nagasaki and Hiroshima looked like post nuclear bomb lie could have easily been manipulated to make it look like a lot of infrastructure got wiped out. Photo fakery has existed since photography was invented. If they manipulated the nuclear bomb footage in Lookout Mountain Studios in Hollywood, they most likely manipulated the pictures of Nagasaki and Hiroshima. They may want us to think people died and bombs were still dropped when maybe nothing really happened.

    So I say maybe no bombing took place or maybe something did happen, but all you need to have is the perception in the minds of the masses that explosions took place and the rest will beLIEve it. I know a lot of people will have a problem thinking it’s possible not even firebombing took place in Hiroshima or Nagasaki, but they do call it the theater of war (Atlantic Theater or Pacific Theater in World War II). I liken it to 9/11, they rather have us skeptics think the government did 9/11 and people died where if you come to this site and understand fakery, 9/11 was a staged event where nobody died or got hurt and that they don’t want the majority of skeptics of 9/11 to think.

    1. Hoi Polloi

      It’s definitely a possibility in my mind.

      Or some kind of managed operation between the militaries. They needed a way to transition from “we are at war” to “okay, we are not at war” and perhaps there had to be something more at work than the idea that one army just threw up its hands and said “you’ve killed too much!”

      Having been to the Hiroshima Museum and seen the remnants there (and bright green happy seemingly non-irradiated grass) I am prepared to say it may very much be that when they created the destruction there, different methods were used, like a Hollywood or other artistic effort.

      The Allies definitely did it for the “Holocaust” scam, so perhaps there was even a division going around to the “defeated” countries and sprucing things up to fit the narrative. Japan got this version.

      How the destruction appears today vs. the pictures in the past for me fits the narrative that in the targeted cities at least, they evacuated to minimize casualties. How the destructive stage was actually accomplished may have been a coordination between military and political powers.

      Perhaps, just speculating, the Allies said to pass this to the lower echelons: “here are the next targets. we have already beat your ass. so either save your people by evacuating these places or don’t. but we control you and therefore we control the information from now on.” And with the highest ups, they explained how they would stage the “ultimate power” narrative as unclear weapons that most would believe actually occurred, though it was a fiction. Just a guess. I could be totally off base.

  2. smj

    lemay was tapped by the office of scientific and research development to be a co-founding hustler at rand after the war. vannevar bush ran the osrd during the war. he reported to henry stimson, alfred loomis’ cousin and mentor. lee dubridge and alfred loomis were on rands’s board of trustees. alfred loomis financed the rad lab at mit during the war for the osrd…


    …the rad lab developed loran, loomis financed the rad lab and he had tapped dubridge to ran it. morethefuckover, loomis had invented loran in his tuxedo park castle were he hung out with the likes of einstein, fermi, and bohr…

    “His laboratory was the best of its kind, containing equipment that few universities could afford. His reputation spread quickly, particularly in Europe, where money for science was scarce. Loomis often sent first-class tickets to famous European scientists so that they could travel to the United States to meet with their peers and collaborate on projects. They would be picked up at the airport or train station and brought to Tuxedo Park in his limousine. At first, some in the scientific community called him an “eccentric dabbler,” but soon his laboratory became the meeting place for some of the most accomplished scientists of the time, such as Albert Einstein, Werner Heisenberg, Niels Bohr, James Franck, and Enrico Fermi. Scientists who worked personally with him were convinced of his capability and industry. His wealth, connections, and charm all made him highly persuasive.
    His Tuxedo Park laboratory was nicknamed the “Tower House” and “The Palace of Science”. He turned this Tuxedo Park laboratory into a meeting place for the most visionary minds of the twentieth century; Albert Einstein, and the aforementioned scientists. Today this location is the home of The Tube Museum New York.”

    …so the hustler that invented loran would sit on the board of the hustlers’ paradise that was rand; and rand’s first report would be about “world-circling spaceships”…


    trump’s uncle john, the man who reviewed tesla’s papers after his death we’re told, worked at the loomis’ rad lab under dubridge…


    …loomis was on the committee that set up the manhattan project and he had also invented sonochemistry in his tuxedo park castle…

    “The modern ultrasonics era arose from Professor Paul Langevin’s 1917 invention of the quartz sandwich transducer for underwater sound transmission in submarine detection. Loomis renewed the wartime acquaintance with Professor Robert Wood and offered to collaborate and underwrite any joint research ventures. In 1926, Wood told Loomis of Langevin’s experiments and suggested the subject offered a wide field for research in physics, chemistry, and biology. It was this group that had allegedly introduced ultrasound to chemistry in 1927. When a liquid is exposed to ultrasonic waves bubble growth is created which is known as cavitation. Sound waves stress these bubbles, causing them to grow, contract and eventually to implode. With implosion, immense heat and pressure are produced that speed reactions. Every imploding bubble is a microreactor in itself. This is due to the extreme heat released upon implosion that creates a local hot spot. Temperatures can reach 5000°C with pressures of several hundred atmospheres. These benefits make sonochemistry has in recent times became a useful tool for the synthesis of chemicals, pharmaceuticals and the production of new materials with unusual properties.
    With a high power General Electric 2,00 watts, 50,000 volts vacuum-tube oscillator and a quartz plate transducer immersed in an oil-filled dish, early experiments began in Loomis’s garage in Tuxedo Park, New York, some 35 miles northwest of Manhattan. As research expanded, Loomis purchased a nearby old mansion, converting it into his well-known Tuxedo Park Laboratory. The huge vacuum tubes, a large bank of oil condensers and an oversize variable condenser and step-up induction coil made the ultrasonic apparatus an imposing affair. Vibrations of 200-500 kHz were transmitted through the oil bath into glass vessels or rods immersed in the bath, achieving a range of spectacular effects that included:

    ” …. radiation pressures of sufficient magnitude to support 150 g and to raise a pronounced mound of oil 5 cm above the transducer; intense searing of the skin by the vibrating glass rod and the burning of wood chips and the etching and drilling of glass pressed against the tips of vibrating glass rods; heating of liquids and solids and the formations of emulsions and fogs; biological effects including rupturing of red blood cells, killing of cellular organisms, and harmful to lethal effects on fish, frogs, and mice; observations of chemical reactions and crystallization and flocculation of particles suspended in a liquid……”

    These pioneering results could be taken as a present-day litany of ultrasonic achievements. Wood and Loomis also made observations of the modal patterns of rods, tubes, and plates and gave some of the first experimental data on phase velocity in rods and disks. Another first occurred when they made an ultrasonic horn by drawing down a glass tube to a tapered point to concentrate the energy at the point of application. Publication of these results started avenues of work being exploited to the present day.”


    …bubble cavitation creates hot chain reactions, go figure. bubble cavitation also, coincidently of course, gives off a pretty blue light like called sonoluminesence…


    1. ab Post author

      SMJ thanks so much for all your contributions to my nooclear understanding of the psyience fraud. I was just going to tell people to seek your posts here and elsewhere on the topic and then you commented! Have a safe 2017. Come join the levee!

      1. smj

        thanks ab, i’d join in but my tablet doesn’t like team speak, or maybe i’m too ‘puter retarded. i can’t even listen live for some reason.

  3. UNreal

    Defrauding nuclear science indeed has been eye-opening for how much of the fear in our lives is of an artificial, superstitious nature.

    In terms of fear, the nuclear bomb could even rank as n° 1 on the hit-list of elaborate hoaxes. The mental picture this Psyop create in our mind, and continue to trigger in our unconscious mind whenever mentioned, is that of a world that can be destroyed at any moment by a single mad man with the right pin-code in merely seconds, by merely pushing a red mushroom shaped button,,,

    Thank you Ab for all your contributions during the past year, and best wishes for 2017


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