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FAK158-Patrix and Frolle

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Swedish Flag

Swedish Flag (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have a conversation with two fakeologists from Sweden, Patrix and Frolle.

Live now at 1/1/2017 1800h EST.

Gothenburg discothèque fire – Wikipedia – real of hoax?

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Heiwa Co news2015 about the M/S Estonia sinking 1994

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Ab’s New Year Levee

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Drop by the audiochat and express your best wishes to Fakeologist for 2017 and get double back.


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The Loose Change myth

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Loose Change is the 9/11 movie that will catch most questioners of the official story. Only the very few will get by this castle wall and move further towards the castle truth. 

Controlled opposition is an important part of any psyop. There is little doubt this trio defines it. 


Click Here for Conspiracy

With $6,000 and a laptop computer, three kids from upstate New York made a documentary about 9/11 that spread across the Internet and threw millions for a loop.


H/t John Adams 

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