FAK158-Patrix and Frolle

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I have a conversation with two fakeologists from Sweden, Patrix and Frolle.

Live now at 1/1/2017 1800h EST.

Gothenburg discothèque fire – Wikipedia – real of hoax?

View topic – OSLO and UTØYA, 7/22 2011 • Cluesforum.info

Heiwa Co news2015 about the M/S Estonia sinking 1994

View topic – Satellites : general discussion and musings • Cluesforum.info

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6 thoughts on “FAK158-Patrix and Frolle

  1. xileffilex

    It would be nice to have a thread on these shipping “disasters”. As pre-9/11 try-outs at recycling “victims”, I don’t have any problem with seeing these events as totally fabricated insurance frauds.
    A few links for starters to complement the Heiwa reference source
    starter for archived pages of the predictable litigation group [link now dead]

    Finnish paper on 9/11 style forensic identification process,

    Survivor [nationalities [17] and passenger list links

    An early (and inaccurate) list of survivors, dated 30.9.1994. Reminds me of the early lists of Titanic survivors with incorrect and double-entry names:


    The survivor list is now archived here

    note Paul Barney from England, a survivor.

    One Dutch “survivor” for rgos…. Stephan Duijndam, who must have had a story to tell to the national press.

    According to the Guardian, there were included two Britons among the 964 passengers and crew

    I can’t access the list of victims at present in the internet archive of this link

    This 1987 sinking is probably another drill/staged event, the Herald of Free Enterprise at Zeebrugge

    Same MO as in Estonia –
    49 “confirmed dead” soon after [as in all drills] The final death toll was 193.
    One thing caught my eye…which seems to be some sort of clue
    24 July 2016
    Tributes have been paid following the shock death of a ferry worker who was held partly responsible for the Herald of Free Enterprise disaster.
    Mark Stanley was in his mid-50s and lived near Ashford. His death was announced on the website of his boyhood football club, Bromley Green FC, where he was a popular former manager and vice-president.
    Assistant bosun Mr Stanley, aged 28 at the time, was held partly responsible in the report for its capsizing because he was asleep in his bunk. His job was to shut the doors before the ship set sail.

    The report said that he was woken by the sudden jerking as the ship began tipping.
    It said. “Mr Stanley has frankly recognised his failure to turn up for duty and he will, no doubt, suffer remorse for a long time to come.”
    A direct result of the disaster **was a new era in ferry safety and technology that ensured captains could see if the bow doors were closed from the bridge.

    ** and MS Estonia 7 years subsequently


    1. xileffilex

      Re:Zeebrugge, this survivor is to be noted
      [BBC link above]
      Maureen and Frank Bennett, from Crawley in Sussex, had been on a day trip to Belgium with their daughter and her boyfriend to celebrate their wedding anniversary.
      From her hospital bed, Mrs Bennett said: “It was so cold…all we wanted to do was just get out. It was so frightening, it really was.”
      She was being filmed by a BBC camera crew when a member of the hospital staff brought her the news her daughter had been found and was safe and well. She burst into tears and said, “She’s alive, she’s alive. Thank God.

      Great timing!

      The official narrative is in this video [at 31:00 note former crew member Leigh Cornelius]

      plenty of the usual smiles and hugs and drill bandages on this Dutch page

      The santised official book of the event – bookmarked at the page of the Bennett story

    2. xileffilex

      I have found a list of “victims”, with nationalities and dates of birth , archived from 2004 onwards but no longer available otherwise] with background music…
      Dedicated to the victims of Estonia
      Music by Heini Vaikmaa
      Lyrics by Riina Varts
      Vocals by Rodrigo Fomins
      Violin by Lea Liitmaa


      Some expected rabbit holes to add to the mixture

      We find the UK victim
      Manning, John William (1931) GBR – of expected retirement age. [3 such births of JW Manning registered in 1931]

      Canadian “victim” Kask, Vaike (1926) CAN of Baltic heritage, or retirement age.

      The Dutch victim has no age associated with him
      De Klerk, Thomas Jan HOL

  2. patrix

    Hi and thanks for having me on your show ab. I realize however that I’m not blessed with a pleasant radio voice like you 🙂

    I mentioned my reddit presence, and although it is a managed place I think it’s still possible to get the word out and have some discussions there. It’s also a good place to get what I call “negative confirmation”. If you post something interesting like September Clues and get lots of downvotes and insults, my conclusion is it has substance. My reddit id: www.reddit.com/user/pholmq

    Have a great 2017 Fakeologists!

      1. Hoi Polloi

        Negative confirmation is just a tool.

        Sticking by the tool of “zigging when others zag” indefinitely is just iconoclasm or even psychopathy and doesn’t necessarily net you a more intelligent position. It just nets you an “alternative” position.

        You have to use ALL tools available, and the best tool for the job in each specific case in order to arrive at your truth. Unless your ultimate truth is “everyone is wrong except me” then negative confirmation can tend to be over-used by people who consider themselves smart.

        I would never have found or agreed with “September Clues” purely based on negative confirmation. That would be stupid. I had to investigate its claims for myself and be able to explain my position on the material to others. That means I actually have an opinion on it and I’m not just regurgitating facts or pointing out that I must be right because it’s unpopular.

        Don’t be a truth hipster. Learn your truth so that if you actually find something useful to others you can explain it, rather than just being aloof towards people who aren’t mindless followers of your chic thought.

        If you really believe you have the truth, it would be most useful to humanity for you to explain it to others rather than just saying “trust me, trust me” like the media. If you can’t explain it, not even to yourself, then you might not actually know that thing you thought.


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