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We talk about Paulstal Service’s problem with Simon’s

Just for your information, Ab :

that 0;Paulstalservice” entity (aka “NorwayResearch” – aka “SanLuisSkywatch”, aka ex- member “Kentrailer”, etc…) is the ‘Ace Baker’ of our ISS research – and more generally, a full-time stalker/troll employed to co-opt and (at the same time) throw mud at our Cluesforum research.

Some examples of his ‘work’:………


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23 thoughts on “Audiochat-Rollo, Nikon, Ab, Typo

  1. Typoerror

    Thank you for the links XIlefelix many of my half recalled musings cleared up for me with those.
    One of the reasons the Tony Rooke thing popped in my head and out of my cake hole before any notion of how tedious and inelegant my ramblings are, I was attempting to recall this documentary. 10 secs. in One of the countless times I’ve heard that “clip” I just had to do a bit of thinking out loud. The names and events may have been fictitious in all cases but I’m glad i didn’t imagine them.

  2. xileffilex

    Typo brought up Tom Secker [can’t find the reference time] in the chat – he couldn’t remember the 7/7 video whic is “The Ripple Effect” by Muad Dib /[aka John Anthony Hill] which Secker doesn’t approve of. Coincidentally, Secker has recently been on this very enjoyable chat with Ricky Varandas, whose series of podcasts is also titled “The Ripple Effect”.……
    Guests include James Corbett and Richard Grove [hmm] I haven’t listened to those guests yet
    Grove has been well examined here and at CF……

    Secker is a highly intelligent guy but his deep purpose seems to be to ensure that the message of real deaths on staged events like 7/7 is perpetuated. Which makes me highly suspicious.
    Hill’s trial and imprisonment was probably just another act in the puppet show.
    December 10 2010

    Hill seems to have faded from view following his acquittal on the 12th of May 2011 of attempting to “pervert the course of justice”.…

  3. xileffilex

    I enjoyed the amicable discussion of the semi amusing Dust Ban archive circa 45.00. I think the creators of this series are missing a trick by not including more terse yet deep, gravelly apercus from Jan Erik.

  4. 12x42nikon

    yeah i dont trust anyone, no reason to trust anything in this world, as we shoudl all know, especially in this type of subject. although as i said in the audio chat, i only even came across this forum post i mention, through chatting on the fakeologist teamspeak, and hearing teh paulstalservice mentioned by rolo and kham chatting. i brought it up with ab as i realise that september clues is highly regarded as the 911 movie on fakeologist forum, and i thought he might have researched this himself previosuly.

    if anyone can verify what is mentioned in that 2016 paulstalservice post, where its claimed that noone is able to find a version of that video with the same voice on it as is shown in september clues, that would be helpful.
    i would never say i accept somethign for sure, that i dont know for myself, and cant verify.
    people claimed on the 2016 paulstal service forum post, that the voice has been added intentionally on the clip, because they could only find clips without the voice, accordig to teh poster, they saw 4 versions without the voice, none with.
    during this audio chat i also found a post on september clues forum, from a few years before, asking teh same thing, 2011 i think it was? which simon shack did adress, by saying he couldnt acess the clip at that time,
    i had a look for teh clip and was unabel to find any version myself
    if anyone can verify that there are 2 different crash scenes, with teh same “oh my god” independently of september clues, that would be helpful.

    1. UNreal

      hello 12x42nikon

      What are the implications* to you if the exact sound of “oh my God” is only heard on Simon’s soundtrack and not found anywhere else ?


      *I listened to the audio chat and watched the Paulstal Service* movies without any clear understanding of what is suggested be so important with a single soundbite used in a video soundtrack and album

      1. 12x42nikon

        i think in the audio chat, and even in the comment you just replied to, i clearly explained what i was trying to put across, but i will repeat it again, to be even more clear.

        ok, so after hearing a conversation about thepaulstalservice attacking september clues on fakeologist audiochat , i googled “thepaulstalservice september clues”

        which took me to this forum post:…

        you can read the forum post and get the idea of what is being said.
        also, there is a similar post on september clues forum itself, someoen asking for the original clip,
        to which simon shack replies that he is currently unable to access that video,

        on teh paulstal service forum , the poster suggests that simon shack may have placed audio onto the video himself, since the forum poster is unable to verify it for themself, after looking at 4 versions of the video that have different audio to what is shown in september clues.

        obviously anyone who can think critically, shoudl be interested to see the source of the video shown in september clues, if they accept september clues as good information.

        i asked ab about it on teamspeak teh other day, and he said he didnt know about it, so if anyoen else that suppoorts september clues as the 911 movie does know about it, or can fidn teh source of the clip that woudl be useful.

        if they cannot verify it , independenty of september clues, then of course they have to accept that they dont know any more than anyone else about it.

        1. UNreal

          Hello 12x42nikon

          thanks for your precisions. i understand that it must be tiresome to explain things over and over. i’ve read your response and your original post and still can’t well understand where the big issue is, nor why anyone should disregard September Clues main points because they added a voice sample to one their tracks.

          if we focus to much on minute details – we might miss the big picture. Clues forum has got the big picture imo – soundbite taken from original footage or not. As to not trusting anyone it is kind of a misnomer – trust is built on belief, and belief is contrary to knowledge. I’m all for knowledge.

          1. 12x42nikon

            you fail to undersdtand why its a problem, i see.
            you think its ok if the filmmaker intentionally faked part of the audio, and used it as a reason of “media fakery”, do you?
            because that is what the forum post is suggesting, due to their inmability to verify the video and audio clip.
            can you find independent video which shows teh saem as what is in september clues?
            all that needs to be done, is independent verification, surely members of this forum, who seem to support septemnber clues above any other 911 movie, shoudl be interested in verification, or doesnt that matter to you.

            you do realise that most disinfo is truth with lies mixed right?
            im not sayign it is lies, im saying i dont know, and it loosk liek noone here doies either.
            you can “ignore the small details” if you want, i did not learn my 911 view from the internet

            edit : i have never said to disregard the main points, because of a small detail, so i dont know why youre adding that into it. the main points are what i accept for myself, as what happened. although i did not “learn” them from september clues.

            1. UNreal

              hi 12x42nikon

              I don’t think i fail to understand what you are implying here, i just don’t agree with your conclusions* should the exact soundbite have been made to sound good rather than been directly copied from the TV footage.

              *It might also be this is just a misunderstanding at some level as this in no way alter the September Clues 9/11 theory

              1. 12x42nikon

                either you are
                1/ missundersding the point i am very clearly making, with regards to highlighting the forum post in thepaulstalservice,
                and teh general point made.

                2/ or you are saying that its no problem for you, if simon shack adds a fake voice onto a clip , and says its genuine 9/11 footage, and uses it as extra proof of fake meida coverage.

                thats how the footage it is presented in september clues. as real, and as proof of fake media, saying that the media used the same voice on 2 clips.

                anyway ive clearly explained this now, ill just leave it at that from my end nbecaiuse thats all im doing is pointign somethign out, i tried to get reasonable response regarding this, or even an answer, but if noones going to say they can verify that independently its either something for september clues supporters to consider until its verified, or something for you to ignore maybe, i duno . that goes for anyone who supports the video, or anything, without question.
                all that needs to be done is verification, then its all good,
                to say it doesnt even matter if someone makes fake evidence themselves, (if thats what you mean) is what i would find disturbing.

              1. 12x42nikon

                except its not “my question” is it.
                i am just teh person that pointed it out on this forum, if people want to promote september clues as “the 911 movie” they shoudl be motivated to find out, from simon shack the filmmaker, or from another independent source.

  5. tokarski

    90% of the forums I see are disinfo, from Crrow777 to Jungle Surfer to Goldbug, all hires put there to keep the waters churning with mud so that nothing is ever clear. Those of us who do run honest forums are constantly under spook attack, the worst being those who want to friendly up and then, for no reason, go off on flat earth or illuminati or some other idiocy.

    So the best policy is trust no one. I have never trusted Shack. I will take what he offers, weigh it, sift it, accept or reject it, all without trust.

    1. Vespadouglas

      ” muddying the waters”.?

      You’re in a swamp driving a fucking speedboat.

      ” 90 % “. ?

      Could you share with the subscribers of this ” honest forum ” , a few ( 10% gives plenty to choose from, so perhaps a dozen or so ) of the forums you consider, not to be disinfo.

      1. Vespadouglas

        May I suggest his position on 9/11 is to try and find fault in Simon shacks position on 9/11 . This coincidentally seems to be quite a popular position at the moment.

      2. tokarski

        I have a vague notion that September Clues was part of a 9/11 Truth roll-out, along with Loose Change, Scholars, Architects and Engineers, Ace Baker, Judy Wood … all designed to give us a JFK full spectrum choose your rabbit hole type environment, all of us asking the wrong questions. Otherwise, I don’t see SC gaining any traction, no foothold, invisible on YouTube – they can and do make things invisible that they do not want us to see. (True censorship is only effective if we are not aware of it.)

        So they are not openly discouraging Shack and Hoi, in the same manner they do not discourage people who think Castro or the Mob or the limo driver shot JFK. That makes me suspicious.

        I trust but a very few.

          1. Justsayin Dude

            What a relief to have people like you , Tokarski, who run honest forums, and can guide us through the minefield of paid agents who are there to muddy the waters.

            I am a bit new at all this, so I have taken your advice, luckily, as I did not have to go far before I struck this guy, who runs this website, fits your description perfectly.

            Thanks for protecting me from Ab, the host of the site you are posting on. VD nailed you, you are covered in swamp water, and we can smell the Langley cafeteria on your breath.

            I mentioned your comments re:Crrowe777 in an interchange with JLB. This is the second time you have stated here that failure to support/defend/promote the NASA driven spinning ball stellar coalescence cosmology equates to agent-hood. I told Patrix and JLB that that all smells fishy7 to me.

            Questioning the spinning ball equals agent? The smell of the Langley cafeteria is all over your breath. VD called it, you’ve got swamp water all over you.

            Can’t believe nobody has noticed you just called Ab a paid agent on his own site.

            Never met Ab, but I would take 50 of him and 33 Crrowe777’s before I sat down to lunch with you.

            Simon Shack equals Loose Change and Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth? Whatever mate. The same people he has been calling out, along with the controlled opposition model?

            I’ll say it again, something stinks around here, and it’s not Simon or Ab. Agent breath.

            90% of everyone out there is all bad, but you can trust me, Tokarski, because I’m all good, and I only run an honest web site. Methinks he doth protest too much.

            Simon and Ab have been able to withstand the test of time. Trust no one, sure. But the test is in what comes out of their mouth.

            So when you file your report to your field commander, tell them you should have been more subtle while you were infiltrating. Then maybe you would have made it further in.

            1. tokarski

              We do run an honest forum, but that is something you would have to judge for yourself. Nowhere have I implied that you should trust me any more than anyone else. The Internet is so littered with spooks that it is a minefield.

              My point, my bigger issue is that trust is not a proper vehicle for exploring the world we live in. It’s basically a way of saying that you allow authority figures to do your thinking. It is better to trust no one, and use your own brain – after a while, you get to be proficient at it, and at spotting spooks.

              Regarding Crrow, I am glad you admit he is flat earth, as he denies it. I rely on my brain and have decided that the planet is a sphere, that astronomy prior to the 20th century was solid science, and that spooks use flat earth to blackwash and discredit people. So at our blog, FE is a forbidden topic. That is our brains, and not authority figures, that guide us.

              1. Justsayin Dude

                Thank you Mark for your reply. It seems to me that somebody did just toggle the subtlety switch to a different setting.

                You have stated on more than one occasion that people who dwell on flat earth are spooks guilty of idiocy.

                I am interested to know your position on the man who started and maintains the web site

                In addition, I am extremely interested in your statement that you have used your mind to establish that the science we have been given on the spinning ball model is sound.

                Do you accept rocketry, manned space flights, the ISS and the moon landing as real? Do you accept NASA as a reliable source of information? Do you believe in satellites?

                If not, why are they faking it if our model is sound? Is the imagery we receive reliable, and if not why not?

                Can you explain why at every point on this spinning ball, no matter how far north or south you go, everyone throughout history, and every photographer has seen the same face of the spinning ball in the sky called the moon? Despite the fact the moons orbit is supposed to be elliptical? Does the moon rotate on it’s axis? If so, what is the orientation of that axis in relation to earth’s axis, and does it alter it’s speed as it gets closer and further away?

                Can you explain why no new craters ever form on the moon, despite the fact that every night earth receives shooting stars in it’s night sky?

                Can you explain how a one ton car at the equator (which is equivalent to being tied to a rope 4000 miles long being spun at 1038 miles per hour) weighs the same as a one ton car at the north pole where it is under the stress of no centrifugal force whatsoever? Under that model, the larger the mass at the equator, the less it would weigh.

                Just wondering. You said your mind leads you and not any authority. You aren’t on your site, and I am not asking you to discuss flat earth at all, just asking you to verify your position and clarify some of the sound science you adhere to.


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