CCR38 – Crrow on satellites 

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are in everyone’s mind these days. 

Space, Earth, Satellites, Planets, Sun and Moon – all Misdescribed You have been denied the basic knowledge of where it is you exist in the scheme of things. This is intentional and was implemented using false information about the sun, moon, planets, space and our world. Space agencies exist to ensure you know nothing about what is above the blue sky you can see. Nothing goes above what we call low earth orbit to include machines. The moon has never been walked on and likely cannot be walked on

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14 thoughts on “CCR38 – Crrow on satellites 

    1. Vespadouglas

      You are just one big contradiction talkoutyourarseki dude.

      ” all spooks are FE’ers”

      ” all FE’ers are spooks”

      Which way is it?

    2. Justsayin Dude

      Hi Mark, I see you are still banging your drum, despite the fact that you failed to respond to my question in relation to your comments here,…

      Knowing how keen you would be to declare the clarity and superiority of your thinking over those idiotic, paid spooks you were talking about, I have pasted it in here so I can see your response and be enlightened as to the validity of our modern science.

      Looking forward to your response.

      “Thank you Mark for your reply. It seems to me that somebody did just toggle the subtlety switch to a different setting.

      You have stated on more than one occasion that people who dwell on flat earth are spooks guilty of idiocy.

      I am interested to know your position on the man who started and maintains the web site

      In addition, I am extremely interested in your statement that you have used your mind to establish that the science we have been given on the spinning ball model is sound.

      Do you accept rocketry, manned space flights, the ISS and the moon landing as real? Do you accept NASA as a reliable source of information? Do you believe in satellites?

      If not, why are they faking it if our model is sound? Is the imagery we receive reliable, and if not why not?

      Can you explain why at every point on this spinning ball, no matter how far north or south you go, everyone throughout history, and every photographer has seen the same face of the spinning ball in the sky called the moon? Despite the fact the moons orbit is supposed to be elliptical? Does the moon rotate on it’s axis? If so, what is the orientation of that axis in relation to earth’s axis, and does it alter it’s speed as it gets closer and further away?

      Can you explain why no new craters ever form on the moon, despite the fact that every night earth receives shooting stars in it’s night sky?

      Can you explain how a one ton car at the equator (which is equivalent to being tied to a rope 4000 miles long being spun at 1038 miles per hour) weighs the same as a one ton car at the north pole where it is under the stress of no centrifugal force whatsoever? Under that model, the larger the mass at the equator, the less it would weigh.

      Just wondering. You said your mind leads you and not any authority. You aren’t on your site, and I am not asking you to discuss flat earth at all, just asking you to verify your position and clarify some of the sound science you adhere to.


      1. tokarski

        I don’t check comments much, which is why I did not answer you. I will, however, answer all of your original non-parroted questions as follows … oh wait. There aren’t any. You’re a playback machine doing a Fetzer-style filibuster.

        I did notice one of your questions conflated flat earth with believing in the moon landings. Months ago, when FE was not the loud chorus of nattering yaks it is now, I thought the possible reason for the psyop was to discredit people who were discrediting NASA. They could say, for instance, when asked a legitimate question about the moon hoax, “So then, what are you – one of those flat earthers?”

        Now, with the Flat Earth Tabernacle Choir in full voice, I realize it is meant for much more than just that, but I don’t know what. It I surely meant to work some psychological gambit on us. We’ll have to wait and see.

        1. Justsayin Dude

          Ah well, too gutless to answer.
          Are you telling me that you have been asked the question about your opinion of before? That it is parroted? You are the one who identified Ab as a paid agent idiot, or would you like to clarify?
          I should think one way to identify an agent is cruising forums with pro establishment thought stoppers and evasive answers.

          1. tokarski

            We do not permit flat earth discussion at my blog for this reason precisely, that it is used as a giant distraction, deliberately derailing discussion. It is pointless. Anyone with a brain can ferret through the deliberately contrived bullshit. But why? Why waste time discussing things that are not real, that are deliberate propaganda, that are used to defame perfefect honest people in search of truth, as you are doing now?

            I have a theory that all trees are fake, an optical illusion put there by bears to hide their dens. Bears are actually very clever manipulators who run the planet from underground, with elaborate lighting and shadowing devices that create the illusion if trees within a thirty yard radius around us as we walk outdoors. You might want to ask yourself when you’re in the woods why trees more than thirty yards away seem hard to distinguish from one another. It’s because the machines used to create the illusion can only work inside that distance. Every now and then we see a bear, and they are always running away. They are not supposed to allow themselves to be seen, and are told to run away whenever near a human. You might notice too that they make dens … UNDERGROUND!!!

            Now, don’t talk about anything else, all right? You are going to answer my bear/tree questions and nothing else. Got it? I have elaborate theories, and there are are scores of bloggers and YouTubers out there talking about this, and they are all serious and want your attention. You cannot avoid us. We are all pedantic pains in the asses and we won’t shut up and we will derail every thread we can with our theories. So stop what you’re doing and talk about my theories, OK?

            So you’d better answer my questions, and when you’re done, I’ve got more. This could go in and on and on and on …

            (I’ve never said anything about AB. The only one I know to be a fake that I have mentioned is Crrow777. He’s particularly obnoxious because he parrots real people with good ideas, so that those ideas are discredited by association with the flat earth nonsense.. He’s the worst I’ve seen.)

            1. Vespadouglas

              Why on earth ab tolerates you on this forum is beyond me.

              Why don’t you just fuck off back to your own blog and NOT answer people’s queries there. Sort of, cut out the middle man.

              I’m sure your MM fanboys would like to see more of you and I’m double sure you won’t be missed here.

            2. Justsayin Dude

              Hmmm, nothing evasive there spook boy?

              Mark Tokarski said All flat earthers are paid spook idiots. Then Mark Tokarski said you can spot spooks because they push flat earth.

              Ab’s always been open and honest about his views, which is exactly why he STARTED and MAINTAINS a flat earth sub blog. I won’t speak for him, but he has spoken about it often enough for anyone to know.

              Trying to avoid your own conclusions now, aren’t you?

              Mark Tokarski said “this is precisely why we don’t allow this on our blog” Then follow your own rules you moron. You started this conversation. TWICE.

              So shut the hell up, and you will notice that no one else is talking about it either.

              And yes, all you suck heads at Langley have toxified the hell out of the so called Flat Earth Movement, with it’s straw man pizza dish, ice wall and spinning sun all inserted to be burnt to the ground. No doubt why Ccrowe would not want to associate with it.

              Yet none of you clowns can answer any of the most basic questions about the fake reality that you have dished up. Never have, never do.

              So go back to your forest, bear boy.

            3. tokarski

              Yes, you’re right, Vespa, I should be banned.

              Let’s see, a post about Crrow777 talking about flat earth (without using those words) for an hour is not about flat earth.

              Spooks don’t talk only about flat earth – they also go on about Illuminati, Mandela effect, reptilians, Dallas Goldbug and “fake news.” Those topics are also forbidden, and our spook traffic is diminished considerably. If our commenters are spooks, they are at least forced to play inside the lines.


                1. tokarski

                  Let me guess … you’re flat earth. How do I know this stuff? How? Am I prescient?

                  I am curious … you spooks who haunt the blogs, how do you subsist? Are you paid by the blog entry? Are you college students? Living over Mom’s garage? Better yet, bots? We have encountered one on our blog, four names so far, that puts out long long comments, predictable and repetitive. I suspect he’s a small computer program.

                  Anyway, I notice your comment below, moon and its phases … try a flashlight, basketball, an orange, a couple of seven year olds to help. Good luck.

                  1. Justsayin Dude

                    Yet again, Mark Tokarski avoids dealing with the issue.

                    Where are the new craters?

                    And how about the other question you have avoided, what, five times now – what is your position on Ab, who runs ? Whose site you are on right now.

                    But you are just too afraid to acknowledge the implications of your previous statements because you want to hang around pitching establishment science tells us the truth, right.

                    Silence, because you are gutless.

                    What the heck are you doing on this blog, pitching your crap? I bet you anything you want that accepting the spinning ball model, even though you might knock the moon landings, you probably accept satellite technology right?

                    Because if we live on a spinning ball, with a big rock satellite that we ALWAYS see the same side of, for centuries, without change, then surely we could put our own satellite up there? I bet you’re down with sky based GPS.

                    Regardless, you can’t, and certainly won’t attempt to, explain why the moon phases the same, day in day out, totally irrespective of the position of the torch in your own prescribed test you moron.

                    Why don’t you try it. Stick a torch up in the sky with the baseball moon right beside it, between you and the torch (that is, physically below the light source), and show me it’s face fully lit.

                    Like we saw today in NZ. Failed your own test you idiot. You’re UNscient, not prescient.

                    Then explain how we see it half dark, through to fully blacked out, in a daytime sky, without the earth between it and the sun to cast the shadow.

                    But you won’t, will you. Naaah.

                    By the way, thanks for the back slap Richard Benedict (paid, bot, student, garage based just like me, of course). Can’t claim the credit, it came from Agent Tokarski’s old mate Crrow

                    1. tokarski

                      Not replying because in part one of the purposes of the flat earth psyop is to create long winded pointless discussions which require everyone to forget what they know and start wasting their time on minutia designed to create confusion.

                      I am sure Benedict appreciates your answering question posed to him. Not annoying or anything. Not at all.

      2. richard benedict

        @justsayingdude, ” …Can you explain why no new craters ever form on the moon, despite the fact that every night earth receives shooting stars in it’s night sky?”
        Touche- Good point, I never considered it before.

        btw, the moon and its phases never made any sense to me. I watch the moon as it moves through its phases and try to visualize the model given to explain it. The model makes no sense,


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