1 thought on “The Last Four US Presidents Admit Fake News & CIA Project Mockingbird Exposed

  1. Carys

    Yet another MSM reference to the NWO.

    Trump presidency: What will the ‘New World Order’ look like? (ITV News 2017):


    Barack Obama’s New World Order (Time magazine 2009):

    Round and round we go – with more polarization and in-fighting among the masses over political minutiae, blinded to the fakery, collusion, oppression and deceit covertly enacted by the cryptocracy through their military-industrial empire, lying corporate media and phony network news, and bogus monetary and economic systems!

    Trump might really be a trump card in play, spurring the average citizen to clamour still further for their own oppression and reduced freedom. It gets this obvious, with a caricature of a puppet like Trump, and yet still people can’t see it eh?

    Hope 2017 has started well for all fakeologists! We’re still here. 🙂

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