Their weapon is deception

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Glad the dead celebrity program is catching on. On first glance, the Lady Di/David Furnish seems like LALA land unnecessary misdirection to a good idea, but I’ll have to see more on this.

I never heard the Prince sister story before either. That would be once again in your face deception.

I’ve always said there’s no need for storing these DCP’s in Bermuda/St Barts or other Crown island. They’re probably right where you’d least expect them – in front of us, hidden by your own incredulity.

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tokarski (@tokarski)
4 years ago

I agree, this video is misleading. David Furnish/Diana misalign, as do Prince and his sister. They are different people – I didn’t do anything with Bowie. Enuf.

This video appears to by a Dallas Goldbug-like psyop, so that when we do find a walking living Zombie, as we have done with scores, we are automatically discredited by association with inferior work like this video promotes. It is just the Spooks getting out in front, blackwashing before truth escapes their control. They are nothing if not deviously clever with their disinfo agents.

Is anyone, anywhere for real?

Questioning Our Reality
Questioning Our Reality (@questioningourreality)
4 years ago
Reply to  Fakeologist

I’m confused by this comment Ab. Are you saying that you Ab Irato are right?

Questioning Our Reality
Questioning Our Reality (@questioningourreality)
4 years ago

I have no doubt that David Bowie, Prince and Lady Di faked their deaths and were retired from the world stage. A video like this to me is trying to muddy the waters about celebrities faking their deaths. To think that they are going to float David Bowie, Prince and Lady Di out there to the public as different people to screw with us and put in our faces would be risky and unnecessary. What would be the point? The three people the author of this video says are David Bowie, Prince and Lady Di are different people, especially the… Read more »

rgos (@rgos)
4 years ago

La la land is a sane place.