Zach on 9/11 and Flat earth 

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Zach apparently started out his truth journey with 9/11. He’s convinced is a dba psyop. He says Russianvids is a gatekeeper. I still enjoy both their work. Just the sheer volume of it is impressive, or deceptive? 

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1 thought on “Zach on 9/11 and Flat earth 

  1. Justsayin Dude

    Hi Ab, interested in your comments.

    I assume you have seen these?……
    Now I don’t have a dollar on either of these horses, but if we assume for a moment that RV is correct, then Zach would have to be rated as an agent with absolute certainty, no question marks if he is pulling psyops. But then the real question would be why, why try this on an audience who is on to psyops? To test their dumbness?

    Or are they sacrificing Zach to give RV street cred? I don’t know. But it seems pretty convicting, and there are other people exposing Zach’s lies he has been caught in. I have enjoyed content from both of them.

    Anyway, wondered what you thought.

    Must be good to have all day to make videos though, instead of, like, working for a living.


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