Deep Thoughts Ep 165: Moon Landing Hoax Part 2

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This guy gets most of the boax story right. 

The fake Moon Landings by in the late 1960s to early 1970s is intriguing. The evidence is overwhelming. In this episode, we delve into a first analyst of some of the more interesting pieces of evidence. It isn’t complete by far, but a good start. Enjoy.

Part 1 episode 26 

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2 thoughts on “Deep Thoughts Ep 165: Moon Landing Hoax Part 2

  1. xileffilex

    The download link doesn’t work now.
    Try this youtube link

    Staying with the alleged moon landing, he Jodrell Bank telescope in the UK is presently shut down under maintenance.

    This telescope was an integral part of the moon landing hoax, which as noted at Cluesforum, from a BBC article was the only object in the ‘west’ which could track the 1957 Soviet Sputnik ‘satellite’ LOL!
    July 20 2016…

    Signals intercepted (see below) by the 50ft telescope showed the signals received when Neil Armstrong took manual control of the Eagle lander as well as the moment when the Eagle lander module touched down on the surface of the moon…..As the relative velocity between the telescope and the Lander changes, the signal being observed is Doppler shifted to higher or lower frequencies. The first half of the graph in which the signal appears to jump up and down is just where the settings on the receiver are being adjusted. In the second half of the graph you can see a smoother signal which then shows several wiggles up and down. These wiggles show where Neil Armstrong took manual control of the Lander to fly it over uneven ground. The signal then becomes a straight line when the Eagle finally lands on the Moon’s surface. The slowly changing frequency is then just due to the relative velocity between the telescope and that point on the Moon’s surface.…
    [chart image]

    part I of the Moon hoax video is here

  2. xileffilex

    Don’t forget, we have a whole year of [50th] hoax anniversary in 2018 onwards……
    Hundreds of people attended the sold-out event, including British physicist Brian Cox, who presented Virgin Galactic founder Richard Branson with the ShareSpace Foundation’s Innovation award.

    What a clown Cox is. [video around 1.20-2.00] Keep a sick bag handy.

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