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You can turn it off 

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File this under solutions. 

 Escape is always made available

What we have found is disturbing …

  • Royal bloodlines coarsing through every person of note in politics and entertainment;
  • Mediocre and unqualified people like Trump holding high office;
  • “News” as a vast and organized body of lies and disinformation;
  • Staged (fake) events (mass shootings, bombings, airline crashes, pedophilia tings, wars, public trials), all to fill the 24/7 news cycle;
  • Paranoia, fear, distrust spread everywhere to keep people in a mildly psychotic (and governable) state;
  • Attempts to alter our basic nature by promotion of transexuality, homosexuality, destructuon of traditional sexual roles, essentially making men into metrosexuals and women into men;
  • Promotion of drugs to shorten our emotional range, calming and neutralizing us – antidepressants, Ritalin for perfectly normal kids, marijuana everywhere and now being legalized and sold like alcohol;
  • Consumerism, buying unneeded stuff promoted all day and night at every point of focus in our daily lives … TV, Internet, stores, roads, newspapers and magazines …



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Fake computers use fake software in fake nuke plants

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Recently, I attended a city hall meeting to request that Toronto’s nearest nuke plant be closed in a reasonable time. It sits on a huge amount of waterfront on Lake Ontario that could be used for the people’s enjoyment.

Most speakers were just anti-nuke, as they fear being radiated to death if a radiation leak were to occur during a plant “melt down”.

I would have liked to tell all of them that there was nothing to fear, since I believe radiation from U238 “hot” rods is fear fiction.

OPG 3 via www.cnwc-cctn.ca/ontario-power…

One of the most thoughtful speakers is a persistent anti-nuke activists who presents himself as A.J. Kehoe. He appeared as a middle aged man, and read a speech that I enclose here.

The main thesis of the essay is that the operators of the nuke plant have NO source code for the software that drives the 1970s computers that run the plant. Programmers will note that this makes changes to the machine code virtually impossible. Computer programs need to be updated continually in a dynamic environment, as it’s impossible for every permutation and combination to be anticipated.

The plant operator’s responses are hilarious – I’ll let you find them if interested. To someone who believes in nuclear power, the responses would be very scary, since it’s clear that the fake computers would clearly crash if real software was controlling them and the boilers that are heated with mythical rods.

To fakeologists, this is just another chink in the flimsy armour that guards the lie.

When touring the plant in the past, the guide quickly explained why the computers and control room (featured above) looked like Apollo 11 computers from the 60s.

The laughable answer was that they worked so well it would be dangerous to replace them with newer, unknown technology.

By that logic we should all be burning coal in our basement furnaces for power.

It’s wonderful being a fakeologist. All baffling and contradictions of these experts are so easily understood now that we know they are lying through their overpaid teeth.

Here’s where I found the doc:


AJ-Kehoe document



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