You can turn it off 

like this

File this under solutions. 

 Escape is always made available

What we have found is disturbing …

  • Royal bloodlines coarsing through every person of note in politics and entertainment;
  • Mediocre and unqualified people like Trump holding high office;
  • “News” as a vast and organized body of lies and disinformation;
  • Staged (fake) events (mass shootings, bombings, airline crashes, pedophilia tings, wars, public trials), all to fill the 24/7 news cycle;
  • Paranoia, fear, distrust spread everywhere to keep people in a mildly psychotic (and governable) state;
  • Attempts to alter our basic nature by promotion of transexuality, homosexuality, destructuon of traditional sexual roles, essentially making men into metrosexuals and women into men;
  • Promotion of drugs to shorten our emotional range, calming and neutralizing us – antidepressants, Ritalin for perfectly normal kids, marijuana everywhere and now being legalized and sold like alcohol;
  • Consumerism, buying unneeded stuff promoted all day and night at every point of focus in our daily lives … TV, Internet, stores, roads, newspapers and magazines ……

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