4 thoughts on “JLB DESTROYS 9/11 ‘Inside Job’ Conspiracy Theories

    1. John le Bon

      “Get you nose out of Simon’s arsehole”?

      Retardation is the best explanation. This site is home to several people who deify Shack and yet, because I complimented September Clues and the Vicsim Report, you post the above? Despite the fact I have publicly criticised Shack/Polloi on several occasions, and their mob have claimed that I am a paid shill?

      As I said, retardation is the best explanation. This scene attracts some of the worst victims of the Lie System.

      Let the record show that I am one of the few who have pointed out the amusing coincidence regarding the first syllables of Simon/Hoi (if you consider their ostensible ‘real’ names, you might infer that the Sim Hit is a Max Con). I have also brought attention to the fact that the ‘Gravity’ thread on cluesforum went a couple of years without a single reference to the Cavendish Experiment (which seems to me rather conspicuous).

      In any event, thanks to Ab for reposting the video. A bit like my ‘Bill Burr Disses Moon Landings’ video (now 30k views), I think this one could be one of those videos which slowly but surely gain attention.

      1. Justsayin Dude

        Jon Le Bon, you complain about the victims of the lie system. The victims of the lie system are victims of trauma based mind control, a well researched. established, decades old science.

        That trauma is primarily caused through daily inputs and refreshings of both new and old hoaxed traumatising events. Events for which you have coined the phrase “Baby Hoax”, a term which you will never hear me use again – they are in fact Acting Drama Unleashing Live Terror hoaxes. I will figure out how to shorten it later.

        Your comments in the chat that say you have never discouraged people from researching and exposing Acting Drama Unleashing Live Terror hoaxes are disingenuous at best. You have always been as discouraging, condescending and disparaging as possible towards the people active online exposing these hoaxes, and anyone who would consume that material in order to stay abreast of what is happening in the world of terror hoaxery. The BH term is designed to minimise and look down on both the victims of (psychologically, not physically of course) and the researchers of such events.

        The other various hoaxes that you mention (except for Nukes) are valid areas for hoaxery research, but in truth are not the primary things that traumatise the deceived populace. My family and friends for instance are not terrified of dinosaurs or evolution- every single one of them are terrified of the crazy terror filled world we live in, waiting for the day when they are at the mall while it is getting shot up by crazy brown people.

        It’s now 12 days since an Acting Drama Unleashing Live Terror hoax event occurred on your back door step. Now if a Melbournian victim of the lie system had questions about the lie system, and went looking for a local truther on line say, they could select between you, Anaconda Malt Liquor (good find @xileflex, great entertainment that guy!) or Peekay Truth, to keep the list short.

        Now if they looked at you, they would see the lie system, complete with blood packs and flourescent pink liquid, mistimed footage (13.33 PM), slow cars hitting no one, etc pitched as 100% real.

        The other guys are exposing the lie system. You are supporting it.

        In the past you have been disparaging and condescending towards exposers of such thing. Now you are actively obfuscating the facts regarding this Acting Drama Unleashing Live Terror hoax.
        Jon Le Bon, as of right now, you are 12 days in to an Acting Drama Unleashing Live Terror in your town, and you are playing a support role online in that Psyop. What say you?

        What’s the difference between ignorance and indifference? I don’t know and I don’t care.

        Feigned ignorance and indifference has been your excuse in the past for not being current or correct on recent psyop events. It just doesn’t wash from a guy who has such a strong desire to be so well informed on every other aspect of fakery (apparently).

        You can’t hide behind that. Whats say you?

        Melbourne Car Attack, 100% real, courtesy of Jon Le Bon.

        By the way, those areas of fakery that you lean down from your pedestal to deem worthy of inspection (fake nukes, evolution, wars, history) are valid areas of enquiry, and it’s great that you should want to contribute. That said, I will point out some stuff that should be obvious to you.
        1- You did not discover any of them. You are building on a foundation put in place by others.
        2- There are very few people at fakeologist that I have ever heard of who don’t already know about them. In other words, your not the guy who’s turning the lights on. I found out about fake evolution in 1993. Where were you then?
        3- They are background deception (primarily). They build a basis for the lies, but they are not the primary source of trauma inducement, which is the primary method of blinding and keeping malleable the victims of this system. So avoiding the current events for the historical events is NOT a distraction.

        1. Justsayin Dude

          PS the (except Nukes) phrase was meant to include nukes as trauma inducement not exclude nukes as a valid area of research, just to avoid confusion

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