Audiochat-Ab, Unreal

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and I talk about

<09:35:04> “UNreal”: MrE3000…
Jon Humanity…
hristos mandylor…
Mushroom Gods…
<09:37:26> “UNreal”: youtube channel:…
<10:30:39> “UNreal”: >the UNreal YT channel consist of only “playlists” with references to other researchers work
<10:48:04> “UNreal”:…

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richard benedict
richard benedict
5 years ago

Great discussion-thanks, Unreal and Ab.

I liked the remark about Carl Lewis. I remember the Ben Johnson debacle and I remeber feeling something was “off” with Carl Lewis but I had no idea.

5 years ago

“Hoaxed Out” – I like it. But it’s also how I feel whenever I turn on the radio news or open a newspaper and listen to or read about all those fake deaths, some of them pretty routine, usually involving staged vehicle crashes or house fires or drownings.