Audiochat-Chris from hoaxbusters

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The only thing better than listening to Chris’ show is talking to him.

Wall of calls


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1 thought on “Audiochat-Chris from hoaxbusters

  1. John le Bon

    I will be sure to give this chat a listen.

    In the meantime, it appears as though Delcroix has taken the liberty of banning me from the chatango chat. My crime? Responding to two conspiritards who accuse me of being a paid shill. I offered to have a live audiochat with them to let them air their grievances. They chickened out.

    I don’t know why you would want a Flat Earth believer as a moderator of your chatango, but that is Ab’s prerogative. If I am going to be slandered by conspiritards in the chatango sidebar, I feel I ought to be given the chance to reply.

    If I were Ab I would overrule the Flat Earth believer and reinstate JLB’s permission to chat.

    What say you?


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