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A Brief Trip Down the ‘It’s all the Jews’ Psy-op Rabbit Hole 

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Not a bad treatment of the subject I’ve mentioned before. 

The promotion of the belief that ‘it’s all the Jews’ is the oldest, biggest and most insidious of all psy-ops. It’s also the overarching psy-op behind the Fed-infested KKK and Neo-Nazi movements. No matter how few people believe it at any one point, it will always be sustained by government agents because it serves a highly useful purpose: A) it makes ‘truthers’ look racist and get dismissed by people who are not racist and/or don’t want to appear racist and B) it provides the largely non-Jewish power structure with an escape hatch in case of a large popular insurrection, one which they’ve used many times in the past. It’s highly insidious because Jews are over-represented in the power structure to the point where one cannot see the non-Jewish forest for the Jewish trees, and because for a number of reasons it has always been tempting to indulge in ‘splitting’ and scapegoat outsiders


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So much fakery 

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This story is packed with fakery. 

  • No man in space 
  • No ISS 
  • I don’t think there are two Kellys 
  • Genes may be fake 

Isn’t it amazing how much science is complete fiction, particularly when it comes to the heavens above? Will the collective ever figure this out so we can really start researching what’s up there? 


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CCR41 – The International Space Station Does Not Hold Up to Scrutiny

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Good discussion about how chrome a key can go wrong. 

The ISS Lie – Another NASA Mind Game The International Space Station is yet another NASA construct that does not hold up to scrutiny. Anyone can go look at the endless YT clips that have been created to show the video fraud we are handed to convince us the ISS is real. By the way, apparently anyone can be an astro-not these days – if – they are willing to lie for a living. Real things hold up when examined and the ISS is not one of those (real) things. 

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