A Brief Trip Down the ‘It’s all the Jews’ Psy-op Rabbit Hole 

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Not a bad treatment of the subject I’ve mentioned before. 

The promotion of the belief that ‘it’s all the Jews’ is the oldest, biggest and most insidious of all psy-ops. It’s also the overarching psy-op behind the Fed-infested KKK and Neo- movements. No matter how few people believe it at any one point, it will always be sustained by government agents because it serves a highly useful purpose: A) it makes ‘’ look racist and get dismissed by people who are not racist and/or don’t want to appear racist and B) it provides the largely non-Jewish power structure with an escape hatch in case of a large popular insurrection, one which they’ve used many times in the past. It’s highly insidious because Jews are over-represented in the power structure to the point where one cannot see the non-Jewish forest for the Jewish trees, and because for a number of reasons it has always been tempting to indulge in ‘splitting’ and scapegoat outsiders


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