1 thought on “Who’s your granddaddy? 

  1. xileffilex

    What a smug yawn, A total waste of 10 minutes which I could have devoted to analysing the Melbourne car hoax even more deeply. [only 6 faked dead, Glasgow garbage truck crash quality] I know we’re short of the odd 5.9999 million, but it still interests me how it’s put together.

    Six is also about the number of people JLB has woken up to the lie system I would hazard.

    Compare: “…if the Apollo missions are fake and they clearly are” yet the transparent staged event in Melbourne “might have been” fake..

    OK. [it didnt’ take me much time to see through Melbourne] Actually, I’m “so certain” about both being fake but had to spend a lot more of my precious time on Apollo/ISS.

    Anyway, I’m going to spend the next two years talking about the Melbourne Car event from my parents’ basement. Each to their own. I guess I’m not “one of the ‘many good people at Fakeologist.com” ** being too certain about Melbourne. In the end though, I’m not too bothered because I’m not paying for that one. And it was Peekay who woke me up to the Sydney siege scam.

    PS where did I call JLB a ‘paid shill’? @1:33

    ** can we have a list please JLB of recommended Fakeologists?

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