14 thoughts on “Is Peekay flipping or falling? 

  1. antipodean

    Having once lived in Melbourne for a few years I thought I’d finally take a look at this one.

    What a joke the protagonist is of Greek extraction, drive’s a Holden Commodore, enjoys a drink and has a drug habit. The stereo typical Melbourne Bogan. Who’s into conspiracy theories.
    Looks like Tavistock have been busy, any one into conspiracy theories is now a Bogan.

    Maybe this company were given some business via their Australian branch.

    With the judicial soap opera involving this Peekay guy, looks like the Melbourne Car Event will be important.

  2. Vespadouglas

    Do you get a free membership to Mr Bons blog ab?
    What I mean is, considering that he was moaning about not being able to post on your blog, can you post on his?

      1. John le Bon

        Ab certainly can post on my site, and he is more than welcome to do so. In fact I have not had to ban a single person from my site in the ~eight months it has been operational. I have not even had to delete anybody’s comments (even though I have disagreed with a few).

        As for memberships, I know this is a sore point for several fakeologists. They feel that I owe them something, and my inference is that they feel the world owes them something. Will they take hours out of their own week to read books on crowd psychology? Will they take hours out of their own day to create multi-track videos to share information and ideas in an accessible way? No, ‘too busy’. Okay then, will they pay a meagre $5/week to access the premium material of somebody who does do the research and create content?

        How dare you! The world owes me that content! Give it to me now or I will throw toys out of the cot!

        Just as a person who claims to know that the Boston Bombings was fake may not in fact understand anything about the Lie System, it is the case that a self-professed fakeologist may not understand anything profound about our reality, either. It is my opinion that Vespadouglas is a classic example of such a specimen.

  3. Jim Hollander

    Have I got this right?

    This guy has just made two long videos about an event that he says is not worth looking into. On top of that, according to him, if it were a hoax, he would put on the bottom of his pyramid.

    That’s just silly.

    1. John le Bon

      Dear Jim,

      It may be worth ‘reading between the lines’ when you assess my content. Put another way, consider if the ostensible (or first apparent) topic or focus of a video/podcast is really the crux (or the primary message) of that video/podcast.

      Take Impromptu Chat #10: Although I promoted it, via title and short promotional video, as being to do with the Melbourne Car event, in that topic received less than 50% of the total running time of the show. Take IC#11: I spent more time sharing my thoughts about the ‘truth movement’ on a meta level than I spent talking about the event itself.

      Do you really think my ‘Greatest Air-Violin Player of All Time?‘ video is about air violin?

      Nuance is a key tool in the kitbag of the man seeking and sharing new ideas.

  4. xileffilex

    Save yourself 107 minutes, just read the comment by The Way, then go fishing, or do some other activity at the base of the sporting/leisure pyramid.

    1. el sushi de la mancha

      “These two guys are flip flopping fish. This Melbourne event was clearly a hoax – not even a good one. The psychos are so sloppy anymore because they know most of us are brain dead. This channel is obviously a dis-info platform to distract people from the truth. The truth movement would grow if there weren’t so many paid gatekeepers like this channel and the jerk saying he no longer believes this is a hoax. JLB is nothing but a psyop word salad. All truthers can do is put out the truth. It is up to each person to analyze the data & decide for themselves. However, a six year old could easily see this Melbourne event is a complete hoax. One reason for them perpetrating this hoax is to take the public’s temperature to see how many idiots buy into their fakery. Peekay is a hero for truth. He had a real significance in my life. I haven’t watched any news since July 2016. It is better to know the truth than be duped into the believing their deceptions. Behavior is changed by knowing the truth and does change one’s philosophy completely. You are a big fat psychological freak liar, JLB. You are the thing that is ridiculous. You must have gotten your degree from the Tavistock Institute, JLB. You are a mind f…k.?”

      1. John le Bon

        Dear Sushi,

        You said it yourself: Peekay is a ‘hero’ to you. No matter whether he were a devil or a saint, your mind cannot and will not critically and objectively analyse the evidence of the case before you. This is a flaw of all of us as humans and certainly not unique to yourself. Only when aware of our biases, however, can we seek to overcome them. Perhaps in time you may attempt to revisit your own thinking patterns.

        As for Tavistock, or the CIA, or ASIO or the AFP, I am not longer convinced that these organisations even exist (at least they way we are told they are). Imagine assigning somebody to monitor me: they would either need to be trained on the entire Lie System, every level of the Hoax Hierarchy (imagine how long that training would take) or else the person(s) assigned to me would be learning profound insights into the nature of their reality from the subject they are supposed to be monitoring.

        If you can’t see the many, obvious, major problems which would follow from this, I won’t waste any more of our time trying to point them out.



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