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Quebec City Mosque shooting hoax

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Quebec may as well be another country (well, they wanted to be once upon a time) for the lack of coverage this baby-hoax (h/t JLB) has received.

Leave it to west coaster gematrinator Zach to say a few words.

I’ve opened this post as mainly a placeholder for anyone who wanted to comment.

Simon says:

Yes, dear pov… once again the usual hodgepodge of silliness oozes from the script of this latest, “horrifying tewwow attack”…

According to the Telegraph, the casualty toll is 6, plus “5 others in critical condition”.
www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/… … ck-mosque/

“The lone gunman – age 27”:

This “man” looks like every cute youtuber. I’m not sure Canada makes its own psyops. I think it’s cheaper to buy them from Tavistock or Ft. Bragg. Canada is smaller than California, so I doubt we spend too much, therefore we get minimal storyline and character development.

Since this made almost no impact on the Toronto (read Canada) media, I doubt much more will be said. We’re much more interested in the media capital of Canada in the Cheetoh colored oompa loompa.

Now for a song.

Robin weighs in:

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CCR42 – Private Corporations and the Space Fraud Game – SpaceX

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The Space Lie Continues Private Corporations like SpaceX and Virgin Galactic are moving in on the space fraud game to replace space agencies and privatize the space lie. Even the charge of national security is granted these billionaires. A brave new world approaches with private corporations holding the keys. What do we actually know about what is called space – Very little in my view. 

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