Quebec City Mosque shooting hoax

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Quebec may as well be another country (well, they wanted to be once upon a time) for the lack of coverage this baby-hoax (h/t JLB) has received.

Leave it to west coaster gematrinator Zach to say a few words.

I’ve opened this post as mainly a placeholder for anyone who wanted to comment.

Simon says:

Yes, dear pov… once again the usual hodgepodge of silliness oozes from the script of this latest, 0;horrifying tewwow attack”…

According to the Telegraph, the casualty toll is 6, plus “5 others in critical condition”.… … ck-mosque/

“The lone gunman – age 27”:

This “man” looks like every cute youtuber. I’m not sure Canada makes its own . I think it’s cheaper to buy them from Tavistock or Ft. Bragg. Canada is smaller than California, so I doubt we spend too much, therefore we get minimal storyline and character development.

Since this made almost no impact on the Toronto (read Canada) media, I doubt much more will be said. We’re much more interested in the media capital of Canada in the Cheetoh colored oompa loompa.

Now for a .

Robin weighs in:

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