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  1. UNreal

    Enjoyed the audio chat but find some of the comments hereunder distasteful.

    As i’ve had the chance to exchange many emails with Narrator, i probably know better than most other fellow Fakeologists how resourceful and what an interesting young man he is. It is actually older members such as Tom, Ab and myself that should embrace such researchers of another generation as it not only represents another audience, but also a younger generation that hopefully can profit from our findings and move the research and topics further ahead.

    I’ve already confronted Tom Dalpra on the subject of EGI and he has not chosen to engage in an open, intelligible discussion on EGI, rather he has discouraged the research altogether and seem to consider the EGI topic a waste of time. Unfortunately, i see he has indeed spent time with slandering*, even misspelling Narrators name with a pun to his race or origin, so Tom Dalpra do not deserve an honest answer nor consideration. On the contrary, and in the same way as other negative and dishonest individuals like the hateful “Dustban”, Thomas Dalpra should be put in his place and asked to excuse himself for his spiteful attitude and mindless appeal to ridicule fallacies.

    Now Tom Dalpra is a musician, and his environment is infested with suspicious individuals, both in regards to culture creation and EGI. We have seen how most influential musicians have been proven to be linked to EGI. Despite Dalpra not being as famous as Singers and Bands we usually investigate – he still has performed with individuals that clearly must be EGI and thus he’s either aware of the problem or part of it. In this position he might have contributed to better understanding of EGI or stayed silent if he or his colleagues are implicated. Either way, out of respect for others, his attack* on a young new member, indirect or not, is not defendable and i would hope that Ab seriously consider to pronounce himself on Tom’s and Dustban’s behavior as i see them as sabotaging the spirit of the Fakeoligist community, especially when considering it’s future. At least to me.

    *a title like “A Shill Cracks Up at His Own Bullshit” is just not representative of how Fakeologist members should address anyone, least of all a member and participant of this site (imo)

    junglesurfertv – 13:26 mm:ss

    1. ab Post author

      I can’t even give a % of how much I support or agree with the whole EGI investigation. It is tricky sorting out who/when, since we will never be given a definitive answer from anyone. Tom is lashing out in a defensive way. Instead of attacking the messenger, attack the message. The ad hominems are unbecoming. If you can’t say anything nice…

      1. Tom Dalpra

        For the record, I certainly didn’t alter the spelling of the word narrator
        as ”a pun to his race or origin” as UNreal suggests! I don’t know what the hell he’s talking about, there? Wrong again. Badly wrong, again.

        I’m also not ‘lashing out in a defensive way’ either as you suggest.
        It took me five minutes to make that video . It’s more like I’m calmly pointing to the obvious and batting aside bad research .
        It’s normal to have to deal with dishonest people and disinformation in these fields of ‘research’, you know?
        If people come on to audiochat deliberately spouting rubbish then presumably you want your good honest members to speak up and call it as they see it? Don’t you ab ?
        Tresor is laughing at his own bullshit in that audio. Simple. He’s exposed. It was good that you’d earlier got him to come closer in to his mic. Inadvertently, you helped.

        The EGI nonsense seems beyond hopeless. There’s no real evidence in the entire thread and it doesn’t really take much intelligence to see it amounts to more spurious celebrity gunk, the like of which many of us are familiar with around here.

        1. ab Post author

          Luckily Tom I’ve isolated it in a sub blog so you can easily ignore it. Since you simply attack the messenger I have to assume that there’s nothing to see here for you and all EGI research is mindless celebrity speculation.

          A coworker, who doesn’t think this is silly, asked me to look into Tina Turner. Unreal, what say you?

          1. Tom Dalpra

            Hold on a minute. You’re accusing me of attacking the messenger when predominantly what I’m doing is trying to expose the information as bullshit.

            I didn’t call Tresor a wanker, or a tosser or a cunt, or any other meaningless pejorative.
            I called him a shill. – a deliberate purveyor of false ideas. It’s a job, you know?

            Other than that, the worst I say about Tresor is that he’s spouting bullshit.
            It’s all about the message.

            Ok ? Do you understand now? I hope so.

              1. Tom Dalpra

                ”Shill is an insult in the truth world”.
                Ah, but in the world of disinformation, it’s a job !
                You might consider the word shill, an insult, but that’s really up to you. I’m not using it as an insult, I’m using it as a descriptive term here.

                You strangely suggest that I haven’t given my view of UNreal’s EGI.
                Are you joking ?

                As soon a UNreal began his thread I spoke up. Specifically on the 2d 4d ratio question which UNreal seemed to put forward as strong evidence of gender. He posted a picture of an Xray of Tesla’s hand and claimed – ”it’s a female hand”.

                This struck me as incredibly weak evidence, in fact, as no evidence at all and I told him as much on a thread.
                UNreal , continued to argue his case when even a partial climb-down would have placated me.
                At that point I figured he was determined to go forward with his silly thread regardless of real evidence.

                So just to make it clear, one more time again.
                I think the figment of UNreal’s imagination, which is the EGI thread here at Fakeologist, is largely speculative nonsense which contains virtually no evidence to back up it’s wild claims. If it isn’t deliberate disinformation, it certainly reads like it to me.

                I hope that’s clear enough.

        2. UNreal

          hello Tom

          You have become simply mean and rude by now, insisting on poor language and big words. And you did misspell “Narrator” as “Nawator” in your opening post – not funny.

          1. Tom Dalpra

            Hi Andreas,
            ”Poor language and big words ” haha!! What the fuck ? I’ll accept ‘poor language’ but ‘big words’, I have to ask- ”Which big words ?”

            Yes, I spelt Narrator , Nawator, in my original post. We’ve done that one.
            You strangely suggested it was some reference to his ”origin” or something, which it simply wasn’t, UNweal. Get over it.

            A ‘narrator’, as we know, is the teller of a story, usually fictional.
            It could be a ‘good’ name, if a little clumsy, for a shill then, yeah ?

  2. John le Bon

    Out of interest, is there anybody in the public spotlight the EGI promoters do not believe (or claim to believe) is a ‘trans’ person?

    And have they ever presented evidence of a specific case beyond mere ‘photo analysis’ (i.e. speculation)?

    It almost seems like now the Flat Earth malarkey has fizzled into little more than a niche topic for a few hundred drooling retards and lonely sad-sacks around the world, ‘EGI’ is next cab off the ranks.

    Imagine being a barely-waking normie, exposed to the ‘transvestigation’ idea via this forum/youtube/whatever, and wondering about the gender of the people you watch on TV every day. Imagine being glued to the TV (as most normies are) wondering these some things each and every time you watch your regular programming.

    It would be enough to send somebody truly mad.

    1. Tom Dalpra

      Nawator, here’s a film with you in it.
      It’s a bit of a weird job you have there. I don’t blame you for laughing about some of the nonsense you have to talk about.
      I offer this as a moment of light relief for all- shills and non shills.


        1. Tom Dalpra

          I’m saying Narrator is a shill for UNreal’s egi thread, which seems, in my eyes, obvious bullshit . There’s little evidence of anything presented there, as far as I can see, and a whole load of ridiculous speculation.

          If you listen to the video you can hear Narrator cracking up at the nonsense he’s spouting.
          End of story. Exposed! NOT CREDIBLE.

          It’s no surprise that the long-outed agent of Celebrity Crap
          Richard Benedict turns up in support on this thread.
          We might remember him from his old Celebrity Replacement, bullshit gambit.
          According to Dick Benedict, all Lennon’s public appearances post 1969, or something, were made by an actor wearing a rubber mask ! Haha!!

          Similar shite. Like Dallas Goldbug’s celebrity doubles nonsense, I don’t buy any of this crap and I would suggest no one else does.
          It all seems designed to attempt to infest the interwebs and make alternative theorists look stupid.

          If that’s what you want to do, fine. You just can’t expect me to stand back and say nothing.

  3. richard benedict

    @Ab, enjoyed listening, esp your remarks beginning at the 19 min mark about knowing our reality is bent.

    Do you know the name of the movie Jan Irvin recommended about the elite sending their children to boarding school?


    1. ab Post author

      It was Jan Erik, and the movie is called Evil.

      (15) Mikael Håfström, 2003
      Starring Andreas Wilson

      This Swedish film tells the story of bad boy Erik (Wilson), who meets his match when he’s sent to Stjarnsberg school. Hardly the most sympathetic character in the opening of the movie, he achieves redemption through his defiance of bullying prefects, and especially his defence of a fellow pupil.

      Best scene

      In a tit-for-tat response to the latest indignity administered by the school council, Erik and his pal pour a bucket of faeces on its leader’s head.

      1. richard benedict

        @ab, thx for the response.

        BTW, for the detractors who have posted a reply to this audiochat, perhaps someone could explain to me the following:

        I was researching Trump’s nominee for Treasury secretary, Steve Mnuchin and his role in producing the film Crisis is Our Brand.



        [a film with a plot that mirrors Trump’s presidential run]

        I looked up Mnuchin’s fiance, Louise Linton.


        Because I had read the Unreal’s EGI posts and listened to Ab’s interviews re: EGI, when I saw photos of Linton’s bare midriff, I noticed immediately the navel is below the curve of the hips.

        I then found a image of Gisele Bundchen’s bare midriff, and her navel clearly appears above the narrow curve of the hips exactly as Unreal and others have described.

        Anyone care to explain this apparent evidence for the EGI thesis?

  4. Tom Dalpra

    That really was quite amusing. Plenty of laughs from the get-go. The set-up alone, suggesting the vaguely hysterical.
    Some apparent 20-odd year old Dutch/African adoptee calling themselves Narrator, who is a big promoter and enthusiast out of nowhere for UNreal’s new Elite Gender Inversion theory!
    So he’s shilling for that ? I thought Good luck keeping a straight face.
    He holds it together for 1 hour 3 mins and 58 odd seconds until he finally cracks up.
    ”Hhahaahaha……” he’s human after all!
    I laugh along at that point. It’s so ludicrous, isn’t it, ‘Narrator’ ?

    Funny audio, thanks! I enjoyed it.

    1. rgos

      Hi Tom, good to hear from you.

      Got to admit the idea of us getting into the groove of a male Madonna in the 80s seems quite ludicrous, and funny. But also quite possible.

      1. Tom Dalpra

        Oh, super, rgos. I’m glad it’s good to hear from me.
        As I said, my video involving your (apparent) fellow Dutchman, was for shills and non shills alike.
        Old Narrator can’t help laughing at what he’s saying, can he ? Haha – OUTED

        Anyway, I’m stunned that you ‘enthusiasts’ (shills ) for the spurious transgender accusations have yet to come round to one of the perhaps most obvious candidates – Manly P Hall .
        I think it’s better than trying to get people saying Madonna is a man, as she’s obviously been a horny bitch for years and has been well examined.

        MANLY is better, yeh ? Geddit ?
        It’s in the name!

        Stroll on.

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