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Eat your fork: is oil so crude?

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Aaron has some wild ideas as I previously said, but what about crude oil?

I believe “crude” oil exists – I know oil exists, diesel exists, gasoline exists, but the bigger question is where exactly does it all come from, and is it abundant, and why exactly is most of it in the hot desert of Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Iraq?

Energy is an excellent way to control people and their movement. Making it scarce makes it expensive, and limits mobility.

Plastic is said to be made from oil. It’s also admittedly made from plants. Where is most of it coming from? Corn, America’s #1 (subsidized) cash crop?

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Are deep sea oil rigs giant hoaxes?

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If you accept that nuclear power plants are giant hoaxes based on a bundle of hot rods, then you may wonder what, if anything, is going on with these deep sea oil rigs?

Is it really possible to pump oil (if it’s there) from the bottom of the deep sea?

Aaron has lots of out there ideas. It’s prudent to sift through them to find what you think is reasonable. I’m on board with peak oil being fake. The BP oil “spill” was perhaps fake to “prove” to the world that they are pumping much oil.

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HBC488:They love their lies

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Bruhaha with Lynn (is it male or female?), CIA stagecraft discussion. 

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