Are deep sea oil rigs giant hoaxes?

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If you accept that nuclear power plants are giant hoaxes based on a bundle of hot rods, then you may wonder what, if anything, is going on with these deep sea oil rigs?

Is it really possible to pump oil (if it’s there) from the bottom of the deep sea?

Aaron has lots of out there ideas. It’s prudent to sift through them to find what you think is reasonable. I’m on board with peak oil being fake. The BP oil 0;spill” was perhaps fake to “prove” to the world that they are pumping much oil.

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6 thoughts on “Are deep sea oil rigs giant hoaxes?

  1. marin2

    A very interesting book about where oil and gas come from:
    Thomas Gold: The deep hot biosphere. The myth of fossil fuels.
    Copernicus Books

    1. UNreal

      Hello Marin

      Gold* is one of the proponents of abiogenic formation of fossil fuels where oil is produced even deeper down in the ground than they claim the current petroleum is found. The theory of black oil residing very deep below ground would very much work in favor of the current system, industry and exploitation methods as well as ensure high extraction prices as oil still would be a “natural” resource.

      I’m not more convinced by the abiogenic oil theory than i am of classic fossil fuel origins.

      The origin of oil seem full of contradictions and the biggest red flag is that we already produce synthetic oils and gasoline. As a rare “natural” resource however, petroleum can be sold at higher prices and in a much more reliable manner. We might even finance the base material used in petroleum manufacture as it cost money to get rid of plant waste (bio-mass). It seems like a win-win situation.

      *Gold also believe in Panspermia and served as a NASA consultant in preparation for the moon missions and was responsible for the design of the Apollo Lunar Surface Closeup Camera (ALSCC) used on the Apollo 11-14 missions

      Thomas Gold…

  2. UNreal

    The origin of crude oil (petroleum) is elusive – if dinosaurs didn’t cause fossil fuel what is it ?

    Those who question fossil fuels are soon guided toward Abiogenic petroleum that is still linked to a natural resource we need to drill for. It is good that Aaron Dover ask tough questions as we still have not found a very satisfactory answer, evidence or explanation of claimed fossil fuels or Abiogenic origin petroleum.

    If we look at how the Elite have handled the diamond trade, i think we have a good example of how to increase prizes artificially when you can establish a monopoly and control the access to the resources. In the case of oil it could well be that all gasoline and motor oils are chemical products that have no expiration date as synthetic oils are made from biomass aka plant-waste.

    If the technology to produce such compounds as synthetic oils and plastics is complex and demand advanced machinery there is a good chance only Elite companies will have the funding to undertake such production. If they had the chance to convince the public the oil was a rare natural resource it would increase the price manyfold…

    Estimated biomass production is currently about 105 billion metric tons world wide (half/half from ocean/land). Nothing would prevent all gasoline, motor oils and plastics to be produced with plant-waste – no drilling needed, only diversion and fake news.

    Fischer tropsch synthesis – used in producing synthetic oils and plastics…


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