Useful idiots 

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John and 0;Neg”discuss this and other fakeologist topics. Mentions start around 1:07:00. Jlb thinks I’m a UI since I don’t toe the WN line, and Neggie because I’m not Joo wise.…

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  1. xileffilex

    All very interesting. I tend to agree with Negentropic that the Clues Chronicles are, to paraphrase, a waste of time. A big yawn in my opinion.
    I don’t need to read any books to know that the Melbourne auto donut was a staged stunt created by the state of Victoria. What says Negentropic? I thought JLB was about to broach the subject but got diverted.
    So, I’m looking forward to Negentropic getting onto vicsims, and I hope he can clarify this statement which he has once again reposted on his latest burst of activity at DIF, underneath his multiply reposted Critical Mass [where did he go to?] Cluesforum compilation of 9/11 “victim” photoshops. [SFW – you can photoshop me and that means jack. I exist, I hope…]

    We know beyond any reasonable doubt that “the people working there” were not there on 9/11/2001 itself since we have HUNDREDS of photoshopped “victims,” fake 13 foot and 21 foot “jumpers” out of 7 foot windows and NOT A SINGLE AUTOPSY nor a single “death certificate” out of only 249 available that actually has a valid last address of record.


    There’s very little online about 9/11 death certificates. Where has Negentropic seen them?
    1,616 death certificates were issued without the identification of a body at the request of victims’ families. Ahem……

    Does Negentropic think there were no real people in the 2749 or so names said to have died?

    I’m still searching for where I called JLB a “paid shill” which is not a phrase I ever accuse anyone of. Perhaps he can help out? Reading/watching list for JLB………

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