FAK159-Unreal on EGI

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When? Monday, Feb 20, 2017
Who? , Ab
What? egi.fakeologist.com

The audio was crackly at the beginning. Apparently an app was hogging resources and interrupted the sound.

Howard Stern‘s daughter 0;Emily” (Emile)



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6 thoughts on “FAK159-Unreal on EGI

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  2. Carys

    Enjoyed this calm, engaging and respectful exchange on a rather difficult topic. Thanks, both, for viewing this from several different angles and sharing some helpful insights.

  3. Henkus

    I (also) thought for years (?) that ‘lady’ gaga was a dude.
    Makes me think how long it has been exactly and how much influence this persona has without my knowledge..
    Not like I know anything about this persona but yeah.. looks like a dude.

    Great podcast.

    1. willard

      “People who want a sane, static, measurable world take the first aspect of an event or person and stick to it, with an almost self-protective obstinacy, or by a natural limitation of their imaginations. They do not indulge in either deepening or magnifying. ”
      D. H. Lawrence: An Unprofessional Study

      Another great discussion by two of the most perceptive media analysts on the net. I like how Ab mentioned if something is being heavily promoted in the media it behooves us to examined it. Indeed.

      @Unreal, I do not know if you are familiar with the work of this youtube entity. I post it here for your information. She has many vids on early Hollywood EGI.
      I must commend her on her Fakeologist’s chops as she is the only one I am aware of who caught this:

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