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One of my favorite topics – nuclear power – fake – a dumpload facility to blow off steam –  is closely related to the possible entire electron scam we know as electricity.

I’m quite sure hydro and gas are real powers to turn generators (magnets). Solar is real too (I’m looking into getting a few panels myself).

Aaron Dover speculates that it ALL comes from the atmosphere, and all other plants are just props.

A few members of are chiming in now.

Where I live, Ontario, we have mismanaged our vast hydro supply into huge bureaucratic mess, added the , and now have among the highest rates in the world (at least that’s the propaganda – I haven’t scanner the world’s rates).

This video may summarize the masses’ entire knowledge on the subject. I know I didn’t learn much past this:


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6 thoughts on “Electricity, Electricity

  1. xileffilex

    So let’s get this right, the 404 ft spire on Salisbury Cathederal built circa 1320 was an early electricity gathering device for the UK electricity grid of the middle ages, powering all those devices of the 14th century and beyond.

    Certainly there has been a massive reduction in the number of both coal fired and “nuclear” power stations in the UK although a number of discreet gas fired power stations have apparently popped up. see CCTG in the following list

    You’d hardly know they were power stations.

    The well built chap in this video cited by scud at CF
    has moved on in the last couple of years to work on the Norway – UK electricity line

    Quite why the programme should be so mysterious about the Wokingham National Grid “nerve centre” I don’t know.
    Some more people who work there as “balancing engineers”, allegedly


    I can’t find our cockney “balancing engineer” Simon Jeffcoat at Linkedin however, who was showing “switching” away in another video highlighted at CF

      1. rickpotvin

        I looked at some images of the steeple of Salisbury Cathedral and after viewing Aaron Dover, it does indeed seem as though there might be point to ….well, er… the point– of the steeple being positioned high above the ground– other than for show or some religious idea. Look at it here and contemplate for a moment.

        You mockingly referred to powering of “devices of the 14th century” as if they didn’t exist but let’s think about the possibility of harvesting a small voltage, harvested from such a steeple– which is provably possible now– and consider what such a current COULD do. Might it have powered, for example– say– a small electrical stimulation to the skin on Ash Wednesday when the priest, hooked up to a battery, rubbed an ash cross on the forehead of believers– making them believe more? What 14th C devices could have existed that would be powered by small voltage from the steeple?

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