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  1. xileffilex

    meanwhile….[Jan 27 2017]

    Share prices of the major European satellite operators SES and Eutelsat both fell after their major user, Sky PLC, announced that it was planning to start a “satellite free” multichannel television service via internet in 2018. The idea is to make the Sky subscription television service available to those who do not want, or are unable to install, a satellite dish.

    The move by Sky is said to be indicative of a general move away from Fixed Satellite Services (FSS) to “fibre” online communications and broadcasting for subscription services.

    Oh dear, Eutelsat has a busy launch schedule ahead…
    to increase its current fleet of 39 satellites, apparently

    1. ab Post author

      Makes you wonder who’s paying for a service that has the same future as nuclear power. Taxpayers no doubt as Ontarians are paying for nuclear.

  2. xileffilex

    @6.12 ROFL!

    This guy reckons it’s a balloon program…
    It could be yet more misdirection.

    I’ve seen videos of those balloon launches in Antarctica. It might explain what NASA are up to down there. Certainly there’s no reason to train astronauts in Antarctica in sensory deprivation and absence of sunlight. You could lock them up in somewhere like Houston for fewer bucks.
    Currently there are 110 volunteers at the South Pole and McMurdo, according to the article, being studied by NASA psychologists, [starting Feb 2017]

    “The first-hand experience of living and working at McMurdo and the South Pole will be invaluable for the flight surgeons’ grasp of what astronauts encounter during long duration spaceflight,” Dr. Terrance Taddeo, Johnson Space Center Chief Medical Officer, said.

    Which, of course, is the impossible journey to Mars which is all the rage now that we have lost interest in “going to the moon again”.

    One interesting thing in the satellite video [around 43:30] is an inspection of the Esrange Space Center in Sweden which I’d never come across before – in the middle of nowhere in the far north of the country, it’s apparently “ideal”
    originally an acronym for ESRO Sounding Rocket Launching Range.
    from where sub orbital souding rockets are launched [curved trajectories, rather like those “space rockets” have] which fall back to earth on parachutes [allegedly] Also the station is used for “satellite monitoring”….
    See the list of Satellites allegedly launched at Esrange

    Looks like the Swedes are in on it too. [see especially 3.35 et seq]

    I’m afraid the following videos of their sub-NASA rocket launch and recovery exercise doesn’t fill me full of confidence that it’s not yet another psy-op



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