Miles Mathis doesn’t do interviews

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Miles doesn’t trust Sophia Smallstorm, David Weiss, Fetzer, and most other prominent truthers.

He does like this TeamWakeEmUp.

I got a call and email from Sofia Smallstorm yesterday requesting an interview. The request was a bit strange, since although she wanted to talk about my Manson/Tate research, she admitted she hadn’t read the paper. She said that one of her friends had told her it was great. What?

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11 thoughts on “Miles Mathis doesn’t do interviews

  1. tokarski

    I have no connection to MM. I do read his work. The readable stuff, anyway. The genealogy … not so much.

    And yes, since only spooks are pushing flat earth (and very gullible people buying into it), it is a safe assumption that anyone selling flat earth is a spook.

    1. Justsayin Dude

      Yeah so just to be clear, you are talking about Ab, right? You know, the guy who’s blog you are posting on? The guy who (as already previously mentioned) has a flat Earth blog, and re posts Crow777, right?

      Come on Tokarski, own it.

      You can do it this time surely.

      1. tokarski

        You, whoever you might be, aggressively (and annoyingly) push flat earth, even demanding that people drop everything and “study” your “evidence.” I think sometimes that might be the point of flat earth, to lead people down a rabbit hole, as if we don’t have enough rabbit holes.

        So come clean, come out from behind the mask, Justsayin Dude, and tell us who you are and why you push this tripe. There can only be two reasons … you’re very gullible, or you’re a shill. My guess … you don’t appear THAT stupid.

        1. Justsayin Dude

          The only thing I am pushing is you to own up to your own conclusions. Yet again you avoid the obvious conclusions that come from your own words.

          If I was aggressively pushing flat Earth I would be raising it in the chat, something I have never done. Actually I have stated that I think the FE movement so called and the pizza dish map model IS a psyop.

          But am I prepared to nail you when you come here and force your crap down our throats? Absolutely.

          So why don’t you come out from under your rock and admit what you are saying?

          Yet again too gutless Tokarski.

  2. xileffilex

    “…I don’t think Truthers should be spending all their time exposing current
    fakes (since one reason they are faked is to draw your attention to them, instead of bigger things)…”

    Whom or what does that remind you of?

    1. Justsayin Dude

      Exposing fakes sure is looked down on in the world of fakery exposure professionals…

  3. tokarski

    Do you mean, ab, that you are yet to understand that Fetzer is a huge fake, a disinfo agent? We are up to our eyebrows in disinfo agents, from Crrow777 to Ventura, Smallstrom, Rebecca Ross, Richard Gage, John Lear … the key to spotting them is easy: Do you know their names? Do they have platforms?

    Fetzer and Judy Wood played a little Door #1 Door #2 on us, with Fetzer taking her in, and then pretending to jettison her, and on her end becoming Fetzer’s enemy for life. Those little soap operas are designed to get us to side with one or the other, both false choices.

    I have long predicted, and it is a very easy prediction to make, that Fetzer will someday die in the middle of a sentence.

      1. Justsayin Dude

        Oh yeah Ab, and don’t forget that the simplest test for an agent is anyone who ever has anything to do with flat Earth. Like, say, mentioning it, running a blog on it, re posting Crow777… You know that would guarantee their agent status according to Mark and everything he has said.


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